PortaOne serves 490+ clients in over 90 countries around the globe. Our customers are:

  • International and domestic wholesale carriers
  • Long distance carriers and NGN operators
  • National telcos and CLEC
  • WiMAX, WiFi, and broadband ISPs
  • MVNO and MVNE, and
  • various types of Internet telephony service providers with subscribers on all 5 inhabited continents: Europe and Asia, the Americas, Africa and Australia.

Here is what our customers had to say about the billing and softswitch solutions for carriers and service providers PortaOne offers. These testimonials are offered for information purposes only, and in no way indicate a customer's willingness to handle direct inquiries regarding PortaOne products or services. If you are interested in finding out more about us, we kindly ask that you contact PortaOne sales.


Ironton "With PortaSwitch at the center of Ironton infrastructure, we’re able to deliver every service our customers need. From SIP trunk services that provide both data and voice in the same connection, to enhanced hosted IP-PBX with triple redundancy protection, PortaSwitch helps us meet or exceed the business options offered by our competitors - and at better overall cost."
Allen George, Corporate Vice President of Operations

Read the story of an eastern Pennsylvania 100+ year old CLEC continuing to break through traditional telecom barriers with PortaBilling Oracularius

Mastertel "PortaSwitch allows Mastertel to provide high-quality traditional IP-telephony services as well as innovative hosted IPPBX for our customers, as such it has become an essential tool for Mastertel."
Vitaly Ezopov, Executive Director

Read the story of Mastertel becoming the one of the largest providers of intelligent business solutions with PortaSwitch in Moscow.

CAI logo “PortaBilling is a very reliable system. As a wholesale business, service and value are critical to our success, and with hundreds of carriers depending on our gateway, reliability is paramount. With PortaBilling as our back end platform and services available through PortaCare subscription we have confidence in the integrity of our business.”
Saleh Al-Khaldi, COO

Learn how major Omani wholesale carrier cut its costs with PortaBilling.

WaveNation logo "PortaBilling Oracularius meets all of our company's operational requirements. Its unique advantages, combined with the responsiveness and reliability of PortaOne's engineering support has made it an excellent choice for WaveNation."
Jim Brewer, Senior Vice President of Emerging Business

Find more how WaveNation deploys PortaBilling Oracularius for its MVNO services.

Atlantis logo "With PortaSwitch we are able to charge customers for additional services but PortaOne does not charge us per the end user or extension, so it really has given out management peace of mind. PortaSwitch has allowed us to quickly grow our number of subscribers and significantly improve revenue over the years."
Oleh Kopiika, General Director

Discover how Atlantis Telecom has become an innovative telecom operator able to offer the complete spectrum of telecom services for business and residential customers with PortaSwitch.

Exridge logo "We realized we needed a robust, convergent softswitch that would help us bring our app to market very fast: PortaSwitch had a wealth of features, APIs, support, scalability, the ability to customize - everything we needed, plus an unusually quick development environment."
Kerry Weir, Managing Director

Learn how Exridge became a leading telecommunication solution provider with an affordable VoIP smartphone app from Acrobits running on PortaSwitch as a back end platform.

Unidata logo "PortaSwitch puts startups in a position to adapt and address a whole range of market segments and business development needs without being limited by features or licensing. It also allows an operator to take on market opportunities quickly and effectively, with virtually no delays due to core platform restrictions."
Renato Brunetti, CEO

Find more about Unidata's evolution from an early ISP to the fist SIP telephony provider in Italy with PortaSwitch.

RT Group logo "PortaSwitch Procinctus is a wonderful system to manage and serve our customers' billing, call detail records, and online charging. It offers a powerful tracing message system, Web self-care for both customers and accounts, and easy configuration of new vendors and customers."
Fadhil Ali, VoIP and IGW Director

Read the story of the 1st Iraqi 4G LTE Telecom to deploy PortaSwitch Procinctus to grow its residential and business customer base.

Kalaam-Logo "Our use of PortaSwitch is giving us the ability to customize products based on our customers' needs."
Veer Passi, CEO
"PortaSwitch is very easy for us to use. It has an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Moreover, the product is well-supported by a great technical staff."
Mahmoud Al Shamlan,
Head of Network Operations

Find out how Kalaam Telecom used PortaSwitch to become the best alternative voice and data services provider in Bahrain.

Active-SoftSwitch-Logo "PortaSwitch Procinctus had its roots in billing services, so all the heavy lifting in that area had already been done for us. All the issues around call management, routing and authentication were in place, which allowed us to be more creative with the solutions we could build around PortaOne's technology."
Steve Rowles, ICC Networks Managing Director

Discover how Active SoftSwitch became a major success in UK when ICC Networks used PortaSwitch Procinctus as its base for hosted telecom service platform

Centracom logo "PortaSwitch's unique architecture is a true competitive advantage. It is easy to configure initially, and provides maximum stability and reliability on a day-to-day basis. One of the technical innovations we're most proud of is our three-tiered network failover protection - and PortaSwitch is engineered to support that point of difference for us."
Michael Aitken, Managing Director

Learn how Centracom gained the reputation of a VoIP innovator in South Africa by deploying PortaSwitch to support SMEs and large call centers.


"PortaSwitch could be divided into virtual environments - and those partitions can be rented out to resellers, and with PortaSwitch we could take on the small-to-medium business market by reselling our capacity to distributors."
Gert van den Berg, Founder of Breezz, now part of Ziggo

Read the story of how PortaSwitch helped Breezz to challenge KPN and get acquired by Ziggo in Netherlands.

TeleOne logo "Our customer satisfaction rate is up to 90% - a much higher rate than what we had before PortaSwitch came into play. With PortaSwitch we've been able to combine two or three platforms into one. We're now able to focus on growing the company instead of solving integration problems or providing reports to our customers, since PortaSwitch facilitates that."
Jairo Rodriguez, CEO

Find out how TeleOne improved its customers satisfaction rate after deploying PortaSwitch for its business VoIP services.

VoxNet "We implemented PortaSwitch in under two weeks, and it provided the system expandability we needed to support our customers in a complex environment with lots of different services. PortaSwitch not only offers easy interoperability with different suppliers and types of equipment (e.g. open API allowed us to easily integrate PortaBilling into our website and CRM system), but its ease-of-use reduces our expenditures on staff."
Marian Juskiewicz, President

Discover how VoxNet's calling card and residential VoIP business success was made possible with PortaBilling and PortaSwitch.

phonect_logo "We've found PortaOne to be very adaptable and flexible. The company always listens to our needs and has on occasion developed functionality based on our specific input. This, in combination with its high level of product development, makes us confident that PortaSwitch Procinctus will be an excellent platform for our services well into the future."
Hans-Ivar Orhagen, CTO

Find more on the 10-year success story of a Norwegian service provider that has been using PortaSwitch Procinctus to offer cloud-based solutions for enterprise customers.

icosnet_logo "Since we installed PortaSwitch in 2007, ICOSNET has increased its turnover by 80% and its network traffic by 120%. PortaSwitch Procinctus has helped us achieve a maximum level of performance, reliability and service diversity. We look to PortaSwitch Procinctus with a lot of confidence to support and manage our existing and new services."
Ali Morsli, CEO

Read the story of ICOSNET expanding its VoIP wholesale, MVNO, residential, and business services with PortaSwitch Procinctus.

cnsi_logo "PortaSwitch generated few-to-zero technical issues. We were able to reduce the number of support tickets and actually transferred some of our support specialists to B2B partner training, which resulted in a sales increase. PortaSwitch is the only solution offering a Class 4/5 softswitch with integrated billing and Centrex, at a very competitive price."
Romain Besse, President

Learn how French telecom company replaced its unreliable and unstable platform with PortaSwitch and increased sales of its VoIP communications solutions for mid-to-large corporate customers.

c3ntro_logo "PortaSwitch became crucial for us as a way to offer a full-service portfolio to our customers with the ability to tailor-make solutions to each customer's needs. PortaOne billing platform enables us to bill these new services to the Mexican market."
Simon Masri, CEO

Find out how C3ntro Telecom got its niche in a crowded Mexican telecommunication market for cloud-based voice/data/Internet services by deploying PortaSwitch.

Broadlink logo "PortaSwitch helps us in doing business the way we want. We are not forced to adapt to the way the billing system works. With PortaSwitch, it has been easy to bring such new services, ideas and schemes that can be bundled to our existing plans to add value and differentiate us from our competitors."
Binod Timalsina, CEO

Learn how Broadlink Networks & Communications deployed PortaSwitch and became the first triple-play service provider in Nepal.

P1 logo "PortaBilling Oracularius helps us save costs in operation, launch more products with new features and bundles, and improve P1's cost controls. We believe it will remain an essential way for us to improve our revenues and profit margins into the future."
Ti Lian Seng, CTO for P1

Read the story of P1 successfully deploying 4G technology in Malaysia and running PortaBilling Oracularius to manage their services.

CFT logo "What a pleasure it is to be a customer of PortaOne! Our experience with the company and PortaSwitch has been excellent. PortaSwitch has helped us help our customers achieve their goals and provided them with a solid, reliable solution. This has minimized issues with the phone system and has allowed us to pursue other business instead of fighting fires."
Robert Riley, Owner

Learn how and why Central Florida Telecom switched to PortaSwitch to provide retail telephony services in the US.

Neide Telecom Logo. "PortaSwitch was the best possible choice. Unlike many other software products on the market, PortaSwitch gave us very attractive options to create as many SIP accounts as we wanted, and as many interconnections with our partners as we needed. All of PortaSwitch's amazing functionality is available through a very simple interface that required a really short time to configure. We have never experienced any downtime with PortaSwitch. That has significantly lowered our labor costs and helped us stay on top of our customers' expectations."
Jihad Ibhaiss, General Manager

Find out how Neide Telecom became Iraqi Kurdistan's innovator in voice and data services deploying PortaSwitch to provide SIP trunking and interconnections.

voicebuy Logo. "PortaOne is noted for offering software solutions to build feature-rich and high quality telecommunication and voice services. That, plus the platform's ability to bring together a variety of converged services, operational in various environments, are what made it appealing to us."
Armenak Khachatryan, CEO

Learn how Voice Trader improved service availability and tripled its revenues after deploying PortaSwitch for wholesale and hosted services.

safarifone logo "PortaSwitch Procinctus offers exceptional SIP server performance. Under high loads, its clustered and distributed architecture keeps everything moving. What we like most about PortaSwitch Procinctus is the functionality of the product. The ability to customize it to meet those needs in a timely manner helps our business tremendously."
Abdulrahman Ali, Managing Director

Read the story of Safarifone that deployed PortaSwitch Procinctus to introduce 'honest' calling cards that have no gimmicks, or hidden charges or fees.

OTN Logo "PortaSwitch is easy to configure and easy to manage. Orion Telecom Networks main business is wholesale, and PortaSwitch works perfectly for that purpose. Not only can we support various codecs, but PortaSwitch's open architecture allows us to develop our own add-on applications to enhance our services. We recommend trying PortaSwitch. It has helped us drastically improve our overall revenue."
Matteo Jamal, CEO

Find more about how PortaSwitch helped Orion Telecom Networks with 300% growth in its wholesale business over two years.

SygmaTel logo "Our goal is to give operators the ability to provide any kind of customer-facing service. We did a thorough market survey and by far, PortaSwitch had the best options. Out of the box it provides everything any company would need, from a small IP-PBX to a carrier-grade wholesale platform."
Muhammad El-Sergani,
Operation Manager

Learn how SygmaTel's succeeded in Egypt by offering wholesale and retail services with PortaSwitch.

Lightspeed logo "PortaSwitch is a great all-in-one solution. Not only does it give us a comprehensive, flexible voice implementation that meets the requirements of different classes of customers, but also it lets us deliver additional high-end services that add value and profit."
Alain Groleau,
Business Development Director

Find out how a former subsidiary of Orange Jordan and now part of Kalaam Telecom in Bahrain uses PortaSwitch to offer bundled broadband services for the residential, small and medium enterprises, and the corporate sector.

MTT logo "We offer IP telephony for social networks and a diverse mobile network lineup as well as hosted IPPBX and IP-based residential text/voice/video. PortaBilling Oracularius helps us market these services in attractive packages for different customer segments."
Evgeny Vasiliev,
General Director

Read the story of MTT serving millions of residential social network subscribers on PortaBilling Oracularius.

TE Data logo "Because PortaSwitch is so comprehensive, we use it as a converged system for both our Internet data services and various retail voice offerings, while it has reliably supported our large and expanding call volume. PortaSwitch has helped bring us to where we are today by lowering operating costs and actually improving customer service."
Moataz Abo Elenien,
General Manager

Review the TE Data JORDAN's success story of offering Internet data and retail telephony services on PortaSwitch.

Backbone logo "PortaSwitch Procinctus has not only grown with us, it is one of the primary reasons we've been able to grow our VoIP customer base over time. PortaOne is a very professional, reliable technology partner that offers strong technical support."
Michael Vontobel,
CEO of Backbone Solutions AG

Learn how Backbone Solutions grew its business to 30,000 business and residential customers with PortaSwitch Procinctus.

Datora logo "The PortaOne systems are vital to our continued growth as they allow our customers to manage multiple business needs on just one platform and it significantly improves the reliability and quality of our services."
Wilson Otero, CEO

Find out how Datora Telecom pioneers in providing VoIP services in Latin America and runs MVNO business with PortaBilling Oracularius.

WorldCall logo "WorldCall is very satisfied with PortaSwitch's reliability and functionality, as well as the ease with which we can develop and implement new modules as needed. We also receive fast and professional technical support whenever we need it, 24/7"
Alex Grichine, Manager

Review the WorldCall's story of offering VoIP infrastructure services for based on PortaSwitch.

Ifoon logo "PortaSwitch is a production tested platform that covers most of our needs. It's very intuitive and flexible, which meant it would enable us to make quick changes to our infrastructure or product offerings."
Ed Nu'ez, Telecom Engineer

Explore how PortaSwitch enables NetOne to run an international calling card business.

Ifoon logo "For our operator partners, the advantage we offer is the independence to run their businesses. PortaSwitch allows us to do this. The important thing for me with PortaSwitch is its stability."
Satya Mekala, CEO

Learn how Ifoon makes communication simple for its customers worldwide with PortaSwitch.

VirtualCommunications LLC logo "PortaSwitch is a reliable, flexible, scalable and end-to-end technology platform that is at the very center of our business."
Javier Pinzon, President

Read VC's story of deploying PortaSwitch to offer virtual Latin American landlines to US customers.

Velocity logo "PortaOne's PortaSwitch Procinctus allows Velocity to clearly provide optimum value to our wholesale customers and top quality to their end users."
Jason Silverman, Director of Sales

Find out how Velocity manages its private label hosted VoIP reseller partnerships and VoIP carrier services with PortaSwitch Procinctus.

Codatel logo "PortaSwitch has the reliability and robustness of very high-end systems that can cost millions to deploy - yet it is very competitively priced. PortaSwitch will allow Codatel Networks to deliver any kind of new service - simple or complex - with very little fuss or ongoing maintenance."
Zafer Khodr, General Manager

Learn more how Codatel Networks deploys PortaSwitch with PortaBilling to provide hosted services, wholesale and office telephony.

PureIP logo "PortaSwitch allows us to build our network on the premise of redundancy at multiple points. Both our resellers and corporate customers benefited from its ability to run diverse services during disaster recovery situations."
Gary Forrest, Managing Director

Find how Pure IP uses PortaSwitch to service its corporate hosted IPPBX customers in UK and around the world.

Redworks logo "PortaSwitch is able to handle the sophisticated routing we need to terminate calls based on cost, ASR or other factors. Its high availability and easy mobility suits the wide range of needs required by our business and retail customers."
Leslie Herps, Director

Review Redworks' path from a hosted PortaSwitch partition to their own platform supporting hosted IPPBX and Internet access offerings.

Cordia Corporation logo "Our experience with PortaSwitch Procinctus has been very positive. The platform has the capacity, redundancy and complete feature set Cordia needed to aggressively expand its hosted VoIP business offerings."
Kevin Griffo, President and CEO

Read Cordia's story about deployment of multiple PortaSwitch Procinctus installations to run hosted IP PBX service internationally.

Telinta logo "PortaSwitch enables us to tailor our telecom customers needs, yet still retain the upgrades and support PortaOne provides. With PortaSwitch as our key platform, we have been able to build and establish a track record of helping telecoms achieve profit, regardless of the state of the worldwide economy."
Alex Ferdman, CEO

Learn more how Telinta deploys its ASP model with PortaSwitch.

Apollo logo "Apollo needed to adopt PortaBilling Oracularius and PortaOne's engineers helped us to plan the migration to the Oracle Real Application Cluster and were there every step of the way. The transition was well planned and flawless. We made the conversion without a minute of downtime. It was seamless to our customers."
Jeffrey Platt, Vice President

Find more about Apollo Communications upgrading its system to PortaBilling Oracularius to provide hosted IPPBX and calling card services.

IXO logo "The variety of IP telecom segments demands a communications infrastructure that is not only reliable and scalable, but also able to respond to a constantly changing VoIP market landscape. With PortaBilling and PortaSIP, IXO Systems have both gained a reputation for innovative and proactive solutions. With these software platforms, PortaOne supports us with regular feature upgrades and exceptionally short time-to-market."
Alexei Palii, CTO

Find out how IXO Systems uses PortaBilling and PortaSIP to provide wholesale VoIP trunking and residential services similar to Vonage.

Xplorium logo "Xplorium is committed to continually improving its core network with best-of-breed infrastructure and PortaOne clearly meets these standards. With PortaSwitch, we can furnish full scale Class 5 communications services including IP Centrex and unified communication, along with very reliable and flexible VoIP billing scenarios."
Karim el Charif, Technical Director

Learn about Xplorium providing full scale class 5 hosted IPPBX services to its business clients enabled by PortaSwitch with PortaBilling.

ICC networks logo "PortaSwitch is a secure, high quality and resilient carrier-grade platform."
Rav Rehal, Director of Business Development

"Together with PortaOne, ICC Networks is able to give our customers unique solutions and compelling offerings."
Steve Rowles, Networks Managing Director

Find more about ICC Networks's offering of hosted platform services and wholesale VoIP termination with PortaSwitch Procinctus.

Bubble logo "PortaSwitch had shown itself to be both reliable and scalable. Plus it has the advanced billing engine features we need to accommodate all the directions we expect our company to grow into. Having PortaSwitch on our side enables us to improve our service quality and compete effectively in a crowded digital services marketplace."
Christophe Pauwels, CTO

Learn how Bubble uses PortaSwitch to provide converged services of residential VoIP telephony and ADSL Internet access to expat communities.

MO-Call logo "PortaSwitch's billing just works. It's the simplest thing - but the hardest to get right. I have worked in the telecom industry for fifteen years for carriers on three continents, and have never used a billing platform with so few bugs or errors. It's quite an achievement."
James Barnes, CTO

Read Morodo's story of deploying PortaSwitch to become a virtual mobile network operator and offering ultra-low cost international calling to mobile customers.

Radius logo "Our research revealed that PortaOne is considered best-in-market for IP subsystems. Existing customers told us that PortaSwitch offers not only a high degree of stability and scalability, but also very professional customer care, strong product support, and a promise of sustainable product delivery. The training and support provided by PortaOne was consistent, structured and professional. In partnership with PortaOne, our in-house developers are already working on providing enhanced products and services to satisfy our customers' requirements."
Hemanta Sharma, CEO

Find about Radius Communications' offers of hosted IPPBX services, calling cards, callshops, and wholesale VoIP termination made possible with a single PortaSwitch.

BandTel "By combining the capabilities of the Covergence Session Manager with the flexible routing control provided by PortaSwitch, BandTel can control all aspects of an Internet telephony session. The flexibility of the solution has allowed our technical experts to create custom applications that contribute to BandTel's highly configurable, highly controllable, fully redundant worldwide SIP network."
Chris Dunk, CEO

Learn more about BandTel's SIP trunking services enabled by multiple PortaSwitch deployments with PortaBilling.

CallBlue_GSM "PortaBilling ensures accurate accounting and revenue reassurance for our users and shareholders."
Jay Shah, CEO

"PortaOne is the leading provider of global billing solutions and it shows that we are serious about offering the best product, value and customer experience possible."
Al Rehmtulla, CTO

Find out how CallBlue GSM became a wireless roaming operator with PortaBilling.

WorlLine "With PortaSwitch, it really made a lot of sense to buy the whole system and merge everything together. The database is open, it's MySQL and PortaOne uses Apache and FreeBSD and Perl. I've been in situations where I've had vendors that have closed, and I've been out of the loop: it's their code, it's proprietary, and I can't get inside. In case with PortaOne, I have all the code, and I can do whatever I want with it."
Jody Schnarr, President

Read more about Worldline's business as an ISP and low cost residential telephony provider enabled by PortaSwitch with PortaBilling.

VoxMundi "The PortaSwitch platform is both reliable and scalable, yet also rich in features. In addition, PortaSwitch is simple to use and allows for centralized management and control."
Dario Vidovic, CEO

Find out how Vox Mundi's became a leading ASP providing hosted PortaSwitch to its customers.

Merit_Systems "PortaBilling turned out to be the best fit for our needs. We also required customization work to meet some specific requests, and PortaOne's development team far exceeded our expectations in delivering the completed solution on schedule."
Ed McGuigan, Senior Engineer

Learn how Merit Systems delivered wholesale VoIP and calling card services with PortaBilling.

Nextra "PortaBilling increases our competitive edge and attracts more users by enabling prepaid and postpaid services, credit/debit/rechargeable card transactions, and traffic wholesale in a gatekeeper/proxy environment. It is unbelievably robust, flexible and stable."
Jan Dusak, Senior System Engineer

Read Nextra's story of PortaBilling deployment for residential and wholesale VoIP businesses.

UniversaLynx "UniversaLynx specializes in providing the best quality long-distance communications at competitive prices. We use PortaOne's VoIP platform as the core of our voice strategy, since it offers the carrier-class scalability and reliability we need to deliver uninterrupted service to our expanding customer base."
Magued Istafan, CIO
SavyTel "SavyTel is a leading, fast-growing communications company offering various telephony and technology solutions to its customers. For us, PortaOne is not just a software vendor, but a real technology partner. PortaOne's applications enable us to offer SIP-based solutions for delivering top-quality voice services."
Samir Shukr, President and CEO
DIAL_NT "De Haarstrup Communications is the premier operator of prepaid international direct-dial calling services in Nigeria. We also provide business and residential customers with flexible, feature-rich international telephony services, including unified messaging and SIP-based telephony. Choosing PortaOne as our partner has enabled us to deliver the highest available performance and quality."
Jeff Penberton, CEO
T2Networks "T2 Networks provides customers with a wide range of convergent communication services, all assured by our company's brand, quality and reliability and supported by PortaOne's advanced IP telephony platform. PortaSwitch solutions enable T2 Networks to accelerate its development as a next-generation telecom, widen its voice transit market share, and become the first company in Singapore to offer advanced services to enterprises such as IP Centrex and Voice VPN."
Lim Kai Shan, CTO
Insta_Telecom "Besides the full range of Insta Telecom's IP telephony services that are powered by PortaOne, including telecommunication services, traffic termination and exchange, and prepaid calling cards, we can always count on PortaOne's incredibly reliable software and faultless support."
Rahmat Kamran, Managing Director
HiTech_telecom "Powered by PortaOne's softswitch platform, we provide high-end voice technology and solutions to medium and large enterprises and A-Z termination carriers, as well as outsourcing the PortaSwitch communication platform to smaller internet telephony service providers. PortaOne's professional services team custom-designed us a distributed billing and call control architecture capable of mediating tens of millions of worldwide minutes each month."
Amadu Yahaya, CTO
Telequam "Partnerships such as the one between PortaOne and Telequam permit a truly integrated communications product portfolio, one that affords enterprises carrier-class reliability and scalability for voice VPNs, IP Centrex and network PBX services, plus the ability to reduce their overall communications costs. PortaSwitch was the perfect solution for us because it is open, feature-rich, scalable, and cost-effective."
Ron Carithers, CTO
World-Link_Telecom "Thanks to PortaOne's billing software, World-Link Telecom was able to launch a full range of communication solutions - from plain-vanilla long-distance services to messaging, conference calling, e-commerce services and hosting, as well as data and virtual private networking services."
Koray Yilmaz, CTO
Onlinetel "Due to a rapid growth period, Onlinetel had an urgent need to launch large-scale VoIP services in Canada, including calling-card and both personal and business long-distance services. At that time (1999) PortaOne was the only company offering an open, scalable, cost-effective platform that we could customize in order to offer unique services."
Jason G. Jakob, CTO
Etel "Etel conducted extensive lab evaluations to determine which platform was the most effective and reliable in meeting the needs of the Czech market. The PortaOne-Cisco solution was superior to the competition in terms of the variety of applications and the speed and cost of deployment."
Tomas Prosek, Product Director
Talafone "Migrating our products towards the PortaBilling platform enabled us to take another step toward delivering low-cost calling services to individual customers and businesses worldwide."
Jihad Mohammad, President and CEO
Netspace "PortaOne is the only VoIP billing vendor with the open, cost-effective solutions that satisfy our needs."
Stuart Marburg, CEO
Infonet "PortaBilling gives us an open solution that enables us to bring new services to market quickly, package offerings for specific customer needs, and provide flexible billing options. As a result, we are well positioned to enter and succeed in the competitive local VoIP market."
Andrew Leshkin, CEO
SkyNet "Our PortaBilling launch was immediate, and since then billing has never been an operational issue of any great concern. I have been very impressed with the procedures and practices PortaOne has implemented in order to ensure the quality of their software."
Karel Taft, Business Development
id_telecoms "Our company sells wholesale VoIP minutes to some of the world's largest telecom carriers. Thanks to the PortaBilling solution for mediating wholesale traffic in our Quintum network, our reputation for high-quality, low-cost routes is growing in the industry."
Ian Westlake, CTO
Algonet "After evaluating a number of comparable solutions, we found that PortaOne had the best platform for delivering easy-to-use enhanced voice services that met our standards for high-quality, reliable, efficient communication solutions."
Alexandr Papadakis, Technical Director

Other PortaOne customers - testimonials coming soon

Unitel IPgrade Asylum_telecom
 Skyytel Commsconnect Unidata
Plexia Netcall Voipex
Skytek Arreva Designerlabs
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Open architecture

Open architecture

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Scalability for growth

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Reliability and redundancy

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Agile development

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24/7 technical support

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