10 August 2021

Webinar: Help your customers communicate from anywhere – no IP phone needed – with PortaPhone

Offer your PBX customers a tool enabling voice and video calls via any web browser to help their team stay connected to the office no matter where they are working (and to let them save money on IP phones at the same time). During our webinar on August 19, we’ll explain how PortaPhone helps you to sign up new customers anywhere with zero added costs and demo this tool – plus you’ll have a chance to go deeper into the details with our experts during the Q&A session.


How many of your PBX customers have switched to working remotely? Do they really need a physical IP phone? And how can you help clients who work in the field stay connected to their IP telephony system when out of the office? With PortaPhone, users can make and receive calls via their own PBX extensions using just a web browser – freeing them from needing to be close to their IP phones, or even allowing them to get rid of them altogether to save on equipment costs! And on the provider side, you can start delivering service to users immediately, with no need to wait for new IP devices to be delivered and provisioned.

PortaPhone features a simple and intuitive web interface that the end user can access with one click in any browser. The tool uses the WebRTC protocol, which means:

  • It’s supported by major browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
  • It works for users connected to any network or behind any router or firewall
  • It provides better sound quality than traditional VoIP calls on a slow/congested Internet connection

The customer can use both PortaPhone and their regular IP phones: calls can be configured to ring simultaneously on both the hardware device and in their browser.

PortaPhone supports most regular IP phone features:

    • Audio/video calls
    • Call recording
    • Call hold and call transfer
    • Voice calls to external off-net numbers (landline/mobile/international)
    • Favorite contacts
    • Call history

At the webinar, we’ll brief you on a PortaPhone app that will soon be available in Google Play and the App Store. We’ll also cover an upcoming PortaPhone application for Microsoft Teams. PortaPhone, packaged as an MS Teams app, allows users of a cloud PBX system (based on PortaSwitch) to connect to it from the MS Teams client so they can make calls to colleagues and external numbers (landline/mobile) and receive incoming calls. Unlike the native Teams dialer, users can call via cloud PBX even if they don’t have a Microsoft Office365 subscription. The app supports a standard set of PBX features (like call transfer, call recording, and corporate directory).

One more great thing about PortaPhone is that it’s delivered via PortaOne iPaaS, so there’s no need to update your PortaSwitch (which requires lots of time and effort from your team!) to start offering this new tool. Once the iPaaS subscription is active, configuration for PortaPhone takes just a few clicks. Register for this webinar to get all the details, and to see a live demo of PortaPhone in action. The tool is available starting from MR75.


Klaus Haertel,
Director of Strategic Alliances
and Channel Sales at PortaOne
Svitlana Melnychuk,
PortaOne Project Manager

Date and time:

August 19, 2021

Mexico City - 10:00 am
New York - 11:00 am
São Paulo - 12:00 pm
London - 4:00 pm
Western / Central Europe - 5:00 pm
Eastern Europe - 6:00 pm
Dubai - 7:00 pm

We hold an open Q&A session at the end of each webinar, but if you want us to cover any particular issues, please send your questions to webinar@portaone.com. We’ll be glad to answer them.

Note: During the conference, your microphones will be muted, but you can always type your questions via chat during the live Q&A.
See you at the webinar!



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