Login to the Account Self-care Interface

Your ITSP will provide you with a URL and credentials for logging in to the Account self-care portal upon subscribing to their services.


The Account self-care interface was designed for end users to access their profile data, check billing information, make mobile payment transfers and, most importantly, manage their IP Centrex settings. The front-end design offers simple and intuitive navigation. This includes an easy-to-use structure of menus and controls, graphic icons and improved presentation of information.


For your convenience, the account self-care interface is divided into four tabbed sections:

At the top of the interface you can always view billing information such as your balance information, web interface language, etc.



Your home page is organized like a dashboard so that you can easily view the most important information separated by category into different windows. In addition, these windows can be moved around, rearranged or minimized as you wish.


You will see three information windows on the Dashboard:



Panel Description

Brief Billing Information

This reflects thumbnail billing information such as your available funds (or balance), refunds and charges information.

Contact Information

Here you can view your contact info such as address, email, etc.

Member of Hunt groups Information

This shows whether your extension belongs to any of the hunt groups.

Product & Discount Information

Here you can find all the necessary information concerning your product and available discounts.



Recent Calls

This table lists the most recent calls and call details. It also gives you the ability to listen to recorded calls (if any were recorded).


Indicates whether the phone is online or offline at the moment.


My Profile tab

The My Profile tab allows you to view and change your personal details such as contact information, personal info, password, etc.



Tab Description


Here you can enter general information such as company name, address, etc.

Extra Information

This is a list of additional fields. The fields for this tab are set by your provider.


Here you can choose the language to be used on your self-care web interface.

Change Password

Here you can change your current password for the self-care portal.


IP Centrex Tab

This tab allows you to view your external numbers, and configure call screening, voice mail and other services.




Field Description

Associated Number

This field may be used for various purposes depending on the services offered by your provider. Ask your service provider about how to use this particular option.

Preferred IVR Language

Here you can select the language you prefer for interacting with an IVR application.


External Numbers

In addition to being assigned your main phone number, you can have multiple alternate DID (direct inward dialing) phone numbers assigned.


Here you can find a list of available external (DID) numbers (the external numbers should initially be defined on the customer self-care interface or by your provider).



Phone Book

This tab will only be available if your provider has activated the Phone Book feature for you. This allows you to maintain your own set of frequently dialed numbers, assign speed dial codes to them and define a list of favorite numbers.


Speed Dial

The Speed Dial option allows you to assign speed dial codes to numbers. Please contact your provider to inquire about the maximum abbreviated dial length.


Favorite Rating

If your provider makes the Favorite Rating service available, you have the option to mark which numbers will be charged according to a special rate. Ask your provider about the maximum amount of numbers that you can mark as favorite numbers and about the patterns to be used for favorite numbers.


Incoming Calls

Here you can set the parameters for incoming calls.



Field Description

Default Answering Mode

This option specifies the method for processing incoming calls.

Ext-to-ext Call Distinctive Ring

For incoming calls from phones within the IP Centrex environment, use a ring pattern that is different from the default tone.

Caller Info

This option displays caller info for incoming calls (set by provider).

Call Waiting

Indicates the status of the Call Waiting function (set by provider).



Forwarding allows you to redirect all calls to another telephone number.

What Call Forwarding Does for You:


There are several types of forwarding:



You may change the mode (order, random or simultaneous) for your forward ringing strategy on this page. The configuration for Forwarding is only available for the phone if it is enabled by your provider.



If the Follow-me option is set for you by your provider you can forward calls to multiple destinations. You can also configure it so that each of these destinations will be used during its own time period.


  1. In the IP Centrex section, choose Forwarding.



  2. Click  Add New Number.
  3. Enter the following information:
  4. Click the  Save icon to save the results of your work.
  5. Repeat steps 2–4 until all the desired Follow-me numbers have been added.


Advanced Forwarding Mode

This type of forwarding is only available when your provider has established the Advanced Forwarding mode for you. This is similar to the Follow-me mode, but has some extra options that allow you to route calls to SIP URI. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. In the IP Centrex section, choose Advanced Forwarding.
  2. Click  Add New Number to add the number that you wish to receive forwarded calls.
  3. Enter the necessary information. The fields are very similar to those for adding a Follow-me number as described above, but additional fields that are not available when adding a Follow-me number are located below:
  4. Click the  Save icon to save the results of your work.

Simple Forwarding

The simplest type of forwarding is to specify a single phone number that all calls will be sent to (must be determined by your provider).

  1. In the IP Centrex section, choose SimpleForwarding.
  2. Enter the Forward To – The number you wish the calls to be forwarded to.



  3. Click the  Save icon.


Call Screening

This tab allows you to view a list of rules for handling incoming calls.



NOTE: Some features such as Call Screening are not yet available on the new self-care interface. You can only see the active settings for this function; you cannot modify them.


Call Recording

With the help of this feature, the users of IP Centrex services can record their phone conversations for later playback. When this feature is enabled, you can view information about calls and hear recordings.




Voicemail gives you the capability to view messages left by callers in your mailbox. Once you choose the Voicemail tab you will be prompted to go to the Unified Messaging (UM) Web Interface to check your mailbox.



You will also find these tabs under Voicemail:


The Mode tab allows you to define the call transfer destination after timeout of an incoming call. It gives you a choice of Voicemail, Auto Attendant or Fax-only.


The Voice Menu tab allows you to set options for your mailbox, such as:


The Faxes tab gives you an opportunity to choose one of the output formats (one PNG file per page, one TIFF file per page, single TIFF file or single PDF file).


The External Email tab allows you to forward messages to an external email box. When a new message arrives to your mailbox, a full copy of the message or simply a short notification can be sent to your other email address. To do this, specify an email address, define one of the actions (Forward, Forward as Attachment, Copy, Notify or Voice To Text), choose an appropriate voice message audio format and click  Save.


The Greetings tab allows you to customize your personal greetings for your voicemail. The Standard option is set by default. You may upload or record greetings specifically for Extended Absence, Personal and Name.


The DISA (Direct Inward System Access) functionality allows you to make an outgoing call as if you were using your IP phone, for example, while on a business trip and you need to make an international call. To do that, enable DISA, then dial the voicemail access number and choose the option for DISA, enter the password and then input the telephone number.


Call Barring

This tab displays destinations that you are not allowed to call. The information regarding prohibited destinations will only be available when the Call Barring feature has been activated by your provider, otherwise the Call Barring checkbox will be empty.


Favorite Numbers

This is the list of phone numbers for outgoing calls that will be charged according to a special rate. This list of favorite numbers can only be defined by your provider.




Hide CLI

This tab displays your Hide CLI status and is defined by your provider. The following options are available:

Hide CLI Prefix

This is the prefix to be dialed before an outgoing number in order to prevent the called party from seeing your phone number (Only available when the Hide CLI option is set to “Automatic”).


Show CLI Prefix

The prefix to be dialed before an outgoing number in order to allow the called party to see your phone number

(Only available when Hide CLI option is set to “Automatic”).


Music on Hold

Here you can define which music will be used for calls on hold. To select music, click the Browse button, select an audio file and click Upload. The music will be enabled within 10 minutes. Click the treble clef   to enable / disable this feature.



Emergency Calls

This tab contains the information about your location. In case of an emergency call, this information will be processed by the PSAP and the police / fire department / ambulance will receive all required information about your location.




Billing Information tab


On this page you can view your billing information arranged in four information windows:



Field Description

Brief Billing Information

This reflects billing information such as available funds, etc.

Transactions Totals Information

This reflects your total transactions (calls, payments, refunds, subscription charges, etc.).

Active Subscriptions

This shows you the subscription plans that currently apply to you.

Product & Discount Information

This displays information about your current product and discounts.



This tab displays the subscription plans that currently apply to you.



Field Description


Subscription plans that apply to you.

Discount Rate, %

Amount of discount applied to the periodic fees for this subscription.

Start Date

Subscription activation date.

Activation Date

This displays the date that the subscription was activated.

Finish Date

This shows the date that this subscription will be automatically canceled.



Transactions (calls, payments, refunds, subscription charges, etc.) serve as the primary record of services provided to you.


This screen allows you to view and download transaction records – xDRs (eXtensible Detail Records) for any desired time period.



On the xDR view page you can make an extensible search via:


Set the from / to dates by clicking the Calendar icon and click the Show xDRs button. The result page contains a summary displayed at the top of the screen and tables list all calls and accompanying charges from a specified time period. If you want to view information (charged quantity and amounts due) for all of the services, click the Show Totals by Services button.



Click the Download button to download xDRs in the .csv format. To return to the previous screen, click the xDRs button.


Volume Discounts

This tab displays all the applicable special discounts offered to you in your product.



Field Description

Destination Group

The DestinationGroup this discount applies to.


Type of services (voice calls, messaging, data transfer, etc.) that this volume discount applies to.

Peak Level

The type of peak level this discount applies to (peak, off-peak or 2nd off-peak). In case of N/A, no off-peak levels are defined for the DestinationGroup in this discount plan, and the same discount applies all the time.


Defines the amount of money or the number of minutes for which the discount plan will be applied.


Shows the amount of money spent or number of minutes used.


The amount of money or number of minutes left before reaching the threshold.

Current Discount

Percentage deducted from your current rate for the service.

Next Discount Level

The discount percentage that will be applied after the threshold is crossed.


Recharge Using Voucher

On this screen you can recharge your phone (account) using a voucher. To do that, fill in a valid voucher number and click Recharge.


Mobile Payment Transfer

The Mobile Payment Transfer screen allows you to transfer funds from your phone (account) to mobile numbers all over the world.