Payment Info

This page is available only if this functionality is enabled by your service provider. On this page you can set up the pre-authorized payment method and configure auto payments.



Payment Method

In this section you can choose which type of payment method to use: Credit or Debit Card, Bank account (eCheck) or Direct Debit NL.


Update your credit card information

If you want to pay with a different credit card, click Edit and enter the new card information. Click Save to save this new credit card information.


As soon as you add a new credit card to PortaBilling®, the credit card is verified. During the credit card verification process, the system performs an Authorization only transaction instead of an actual charge. The Authorization only transaction reserves an amount of money on your credit card for a certain time period. This does not affect your balance in PortaBilling® or change your credit card balance.


If the verification was successful, this new credit card information is stored. Further payments and automatic payments (if configured) will be made using this card.


Note that the Auto-Payments section is only active if the Pre-authorized Payment Method is chosen and all the required information is filled in for it (for example, credit card information).  


To set up automatic payments using the pre-authorized payment method when your balance crosses a specified threshold, select the Pay check box and specify a threshold in the second field, and when your balance crosses this threshold your pre-authorized payment method will be charged for the amount specified in the Pay field.