Quotas and Service Wallets

This page shows all quotas and service wallets available to you. To browse the quotas and service wallets applicable for off-peak periods, filter them using the Show active quotas and service wallets drop-down list.


On this page, you can either top up your service wallet by credit card or transfer money from your main balance. Additionally, you can transfer service wallet airtime (minutes, number of SMSs, GB, etc.) to your friends and / or family.



Field Description


Shows a specific service (voice calls, messaging, data transfer, etc.) that this quota or service wallet applies to.

Peak Level

This field is only available if the discount plan provides different quotas for the peak, off-peak, and second off-peak periods.


Shows the period name.

Destination Group

Information about quotas and service wallets used and remaining is shown, grouped by destination group names. Each name represents one group included in the discount plan assigned to you.


Shows extended information about the quotas and service wallets.


Shows the product which this quota or service wallet is assigned to.


Shows the current value of both consumed and remaining quotas. The progress bar graphically reflects how much of the quota has been consumed.

Top Up / Transfer

You will see this column only if you have signed up for service wallets.


Click the Top Up button to initiate a top-up procedure. The system redirects you to the Make a Payment page and shows the top-up options and their fees.


When the necessary option is selected, you can choose to either transfer money from your balance or pay by credit card, right here on the same page. Please find detailed instructions in How to top up your service wallet.

NOTE: If the Top Up button is not available for you, please contact your service provider.


Click the Transfer button to initiate a transfer of service wallet airtime (for minutes, SMSs, GB, etc.). The system redirects you to the Transfer Funds and Services page and shows the transfer options. Please find detailed instructions in How to transfer airtime from the service wallet.


NOTE: Only accounts having identical service wallets can transfer and receive airtime from a service wallet.

Expires in

Shows the time left for the quota to be reapplied / number of days remaining after which the service wallet expires.  


If a service wallet does not have an expiration date, Never is displayed.


Quota History

To obtain information about quotas’ usage history, click the History icon. In the pop-up window, you can see the current value of both consumed and remaining quotas, and the name of the period for which the quota is provided. The progress bar graphically reflects how much of the quota has been consumed.



How to top up a service wallet

For information on how to top up your service wallet, refer to the Service Wallet Top up page.


Service wallet top-up history

This dialog box provides information about your service wallets’ top-up transactions.


Click the History icon next to the name of the desired service wallet to browse its top-up history. At the top of the window, please find:


Filter the top-up transactions. Use one of the predefined time periods (last 10 or 30 days; 3 months or 12 months), or select the Custom Dates option to specify your own time period and click Show Records.


The following information is shown about each transaction:

Click the Expand button to obtain extended information about a top-up transaction (for credit card payments):