Aliases tab

To add an alias to the account, click Add on the toolbar.



Field Description

Alias Role

The alias role defines what a specific alias is designated for (e.g., a PINless phone number) and executes account ID validation. Thus, for a PINLess phone number, one can only pick a valid phone number as an alias ID.


Alias role selection is limited by the main and add-on products assigned to the account.

Alias ID

The unique identifier for the alias.


The administrator can optionally select a realm for the alias (everything that comes after the @ symbol) – a property that imposes a scope of uniqueness for the alias ID.


Alias realm selection is limited by the main and add-on products assigned to the account.

NOTE: You can add an alias with the Auto-attendant role only to the accounts with the same role. The Voucher role is not supported for account aliases.

Allow authentication / registration

This defines whether an alias ID can be used independently for registration and authentication.


When enabled, a user can register an alias ID and use that number for making and receiving calls. In this case, PortaBilling® retrieves information about the main account’s configuration and applies it to the alias.  


When disabled, a user cannot register an alias ID to make outgoing calls. In this case, incoming calls to the alias will be forwarded to the main account.


If you need to create multiple aliases (e.g. a customer with his own IP PBX who buys a range of DIDs to be forwarded there) you can use the Alias Generator to produce aliases in a similar way as with the Account Generator.

NOTE: The Alias Generator is only available for accounts with a phone line product assigned (main or add-on one).


NOTE: Aliases are generated as a background task, so it may take a few minutes before they appear on this tab.