Dialed Number Filters

Allows you to select a condition applicable to a dialed phone number (one of your phone numbers that a person trying to contact you).


To define a new rule, click Add. Define the name for the condition and click Save. Specify the parameters that constitute redirect number conditions for incoming calls.


call screening rules to


The following options are available:

Field Description


A descriptive name for this caller’s number filter, e.g. “Mobile”


  • Click Edit to edit the caller’s number filter.
  • Click Save to save the changes after you finish editing the caller’s number filter.


The mode of selecting numbers for the call screening.

  • Matches - Select this option to include numbers that fit the patterns defined in Number.
  • Does Not Match - Select this option to include numbers that do not fit the pattern defined in Number.


Note that you can add one number pattern only for the Does Not Match condition.


A number pattern that describes phone numbers. You can use wildcards to describe several phone numbers at once or you can type the exact phone number.


To add an exact number please type it (e.g. 18001234567). Then the phone number 18001234567 matches it.

To add a group of numbers that start with the same prefix, use the % character at the end to specify that the current string is the prefix (e.g. 420609%) Then 4206091, 420609123456 and 420609 match it.


To add a group of numbers that differ in one digit, use the x or _ (underscore) at the place, the digits may differ (e.g. 420609x23456 will match both 420609123456 and 420609723456.) If several digits differ, use several wildcards respectively (e.g. 420609xxx456).


To add an extension as a number pattern just type it. The system then checks whether this extension is configured for the customer:


  • If the extension is found, the system adds it to the list and displays its name and type.
  • If the extension is not found, the system notifies you and suggests you to either add the number as it is (it is then considered as a phone number) or to cancel the addition.

Extension Name

This displays the name of the extension owner.


  • Click Delete to remove a selected call barring class.
  • Click Delete to discard changes while editing the call barring class.