Destination Upload

The International Standard for Country Codes (ISO) defines codes for the names of countries and their subdivisions. PortaBilling® is supplied with a predefined set of countries and the most common destinations for them based on the ISO 3166-2.


To upload the default list of destinations and countries for them click Loading:

In the Destinations Loading window:

To upload a destination set of your own, please create a .csv file with the following headers and fill in the fields:


Field Description


Specify whether you wish to add or delete a destination. Type "+" and "-" or "add" and "remove" in this field.

NOTE: You can only delete destinations that haven’t yet been used.


Specify the prefix to be added or deleted.

Two-letter ISO Country Code

Specify the country code as it is defined in ISO 3166-2 (e.g. CA for Canada, BR for Brazil, etc.).


To add prefixes that have no geographical reference (e.g. 882, 8700, etc.) set the "--" value. The destinations with the "--" value are then considered to be Not applicable (non-geographic).


Note that if the Country and / or Subdivision names do not match the ISO 3166-2, they are also added to the system as Not applicable.


Type a short description for a destination

Country Subdivision

Type the name of the territory (e.g. province, state, county, etc.). It is recommended to add the territories as they are defined in the ISO 3166-2 (e.g. Ain Defla for Algeria). You may also get the full list of subdivisions per country via the 'get_subdivisions_list' API method.