Exchange Rates

All exchange rates used within the system are listed.



The Effective list allows you to define whether only current exchange rates (“Now”) or all exchange rates ever used (“->Now”) will be shown.


The following information is provided in the exchange rate listing:


Field Description


The currency unit name (for example, “Canadian Dollar”).

Exchange Rate

Defines the number of units of the base currency equal to one unit of the foreign currency.


For example, with British Pounds as the foreign currency and U.S. Dollars as the base currency , the base currency units would be “1.5326” and the value of this column would be “1 GBP = 1.5326.”


Shows the exchange rate source for the given currency as defined on the Currency page.


The effective date for the given exchange rate. Newer exchange rates supersede older ones.


How to modify an existing exchange rate

Click the Edit  icon to modify an existing exchange rate. This will copy the content of the current row into the table header. The source will be changed to Manual. Enter the new exchange rate, then click either Save Edit, Save or   Save&Close to save changes.