Service Pool

A service pool is a list of services that customers can use within a common balance or quota.



Key parameters of service pools are the following:

  1. Service pools apply for a complete destination group set.
  2. Each service within a pool is defined for a destination group.
  3. Service pools are measured in virtual units. Virtual units are used to express the cost for using a particular service and are mapped to this service’s units (e.g. a minute’s worth of calls costs 5 units while an SMS message costs 1 unit). Note that the number of virtual units in the mapping must be higher than the number of service units.
  4. To fine-tune the pricing, you can add the same service multiple times for different destination groups and define a different unit mapping. Note that the service-destination group pairs within the service pool must be unique.
  5. You can create a single multi-service wallet or quota within the same volume discount plan.

Service pools are added on the Services page. On this page, you can configure or modify existing service pool configurations.


The following parameters are available:


Field Description


Service pool name.

Destination Group Set

Choose the service type (physical service) supplied to the customer. See below for a description of the available service types.

Rating Base

Specification of which particular parameter is used to calculate charges, e.g. “session time”, “amount of data transferred” and the like. Where applicable, the rating base selection also defines what is to be used as the base unit; e.g. for the Internet Access service you could use bytes, kilobytes or megabytes as the base unit.

General Info tab

Field Description


  • Click Edit to edit the service within the pool.
  • Click Save to save the changes after you finish editing the service within the pool.


Select the service to include it in the pool.

Destination Groups

Select the destination group included in the complete destination group set to map it to the selected service.


Define how service billing units relate to a pool’s virtual units. The number of virtual units in the ratio must be higher than the number of service billing units.


  • Click Delete to remove a service configuration within the pool.
  • Click Delete to discard changes when editing a service within the pool.