Trace Session

The trace session utility allows you to determine the characteristics of a specific call when you know the h323-conf-id or the destination number, which may be specified exactly, or by using a wildcard. (For example, all calls to England may be specified as “44%” in the destination field). A date range for the search must be specified; however, it is highly recommended to set it to the smallest range necessary, in order to reduce waiting time and server load. Ideally, the search window should contain one day only.


To initiate a query, click the Search Sessions button. If no results appear, try broadening the query. When the results appear, locate the desired call within the result set. If there are too many results, they will be divided across pages, although in this case it is advisable to narrow the query.



The result listing shows the origination number, the number dialed, the destination location, connect and disconnect times, duration, account and customer (in the case of product usage), vendor (in the case of normal vendor termination), and the call status while disconnecting, which is color-coded according to the table below. Click the  View icon to go to a detailed page describing the call.

Possible reasons for disconnect

Reason Color

Normal completed call


Normal uncompleted call


Call progress code


Calling side error


Called side error


Network error



Trace Session Detail

The detailed Trace Session Results page shows additional call details, such as the h323-conf-id for the call and the setup time, as well as a detailed breakdown of the charges applied to each entity (accounts, resellers, and vendors). You may view the connection details for a particular vendor by clicking the  Connection icon. On the Connection detail page, you may view all connections for a particular vendor by clicking the Connections icon.


Error Report

You are provided with ability to submit error reports which will be send to correspondent mailing list set up by system administrator. Click the Error Report icon to go to the Error Report page.


In order to submit the report, fill in the Comments field describing the error details and click the  Submit button.