User Management

This page shows existing users registered in the system, and also allows you to edit current user information or add and delete users. To add a new user, click the  Add button on the User Management page. The user list table contains the following information and operations.



Field Description


The username for login and user identification. It is provided as a link to the edit page where you can view and edit the information about that particular user.

Access Level

The privilege level or role assigned to the user. See the Access Levels section for more information.


An email contact for the user. For convenience, this is provided as a link, so you can send an email to the user directly from this screen.


A short description associated with the user.


The status of the user’s account. The user can have the following statuses:

  • Expired– Is assigned when Expiration Date has already passed.

  • Inactive  – Is assigned when Start Using date has not yet arrived.


This permanently deletes the user from the system.