Vendor Management

Vendors are your service providers, e.g. termination partners or incoming toll-free line providers. Every time a call travels from your network to a vendor (via telephony or VoIP) there is a cost associated with it, and at this point PortaBilling® will charge the account and customer for the call, as well as calculate your termination costs.


On the Vendor Management page, you can view a list of all registered vendors. This list provides the following information and activities.



Field Description


Click the  View icon to go to the xDR view page for this vendor.


The vendor’s name.


Click the  Connections icon to be taken to the connections management page for this vendor. The number next to the icon shows the number of connections defined for this vendor.


The currency in which the vendor’s account is maintained and paid.


The vendor’s current balance.


Email contact for the given vendor.


Click theDelete icon to remove the vendor. The delete button will only appear if there are no xDRs or connections defined for the vendor.