Balance Adjustments

The Balance Adjustment wizard allows you to correct a customer’s balance.


To adjust a customer’s balance, follow these steps.


  1. Choose a desired transaction from the list:

  2. Click Next.

  3. Fill in the transaction information fields:

  4. If the wizard is completed, click Done.


Taxes applied at the moment of payment

If the Apply taxes at the moment of payment feature is enabled for the customer, the wizard shows an additional page with information about applicable taxes, amounts before and after taxation. 

Note that the wizard provides this information only if the following conditions are met:

For Manual Payments and Refunds, taxes are back calculated and deducted from the entered amount:

The amount applied to the balance = Entered amount – Tax





Refund Amount

The amount that will be returned to the end user.

Top Up Amount

The exact amount that will be deducted from the balance (back calculated from the Refund Amount and known taxation rates).

Applicable Taxes

Taxes applied to the Top Up Amount.