Make a Payment

This page allows you to see your current balance / available funds and top it up by choosing one of the available payment methods.


The list of currently supported payment methods is the following:


To make a payment, specify the amount you wish to pay, select whether you want to pay with the saved payment method or with a new payment method and click Next. If you have selected to pay with a new payment method, on the next page, select the desired payment method (one of the listed above), and click Next. Specify the payment information and click the Pay Now button to proceed with the payment.


To pay with other payment method, click the  Use Other Payment Methods button.




Pay with Bitcoins

You can also top up your balance with Bitcoins (BTC):

  1. In the Amount field, type a top-up amount.
  2. Choose New Payment Method and click Next.
  3. Choose Pay with Bitcoins and click Next. You will see the top-up amount in Bitcoins according to the current exchange rate and the Bitcoin payment address to where payment must be sent.
  4. With a Bitcoin client or Bitcoin wallet online service, send the top-up amount from your Bitcoin wallet to this address. For your convenience, the Bitcoin address can be scanned with a QR code.
  5. When the transaction has been submitted, click Done.
  6. Once the Bitcoin amount is received, your balance is topped up.




Taxes upon payment

If you use prepaid services, the taxes for such services are calculated and added to the amount you are topping up your account by. After you confirm your payment, your balance is topped up to reflect that actual amount.