Call Queue

When a new incoming call arrives, it is assigned a position in the queue. The callers hear announcements about number of callers ahead of them in the queue and the estimated waiting time. After that, the specified “music on hold” is played, and every 5 minutes the callers are updated about their current positions in the queue and the estimated wait time.


Estimated wait time is calculated as follows: (Average handle time)*(Number of callers ahead)/(Number of operators).


If an agent doesn’t answer a call, that call isn’t placed back in the queue. Nor is it forwarded to a voicemail / follow-me numbers defined for agents. PortaSIP® continues to try and connect the first call in the queue until it is either answered by an available agent or dropped by the caller.



Every call queue contains several configuration parameters:


Field Description

Huntgroup name

When creating a new call queue, a customer must select a huntgroup. The arriving to this queue call is then transferred to the corresponding huntgroup.  You cannot change the huntgroup for the existing call queue.

 Note : Empty huntgroups are not listed. Add at least one extension to the huntgroup first. 

Huntgroup number

The number that end users dial to access the huntgroup. This is a read-only value that appears automatically after you have selected a huntgroup.

Maximum incoming calls set on hold

This shows the maximum number of calls that can be placed on hold within this queue. When this number is reached, the next call is disconnected.

Announce the number of callers ahead of them in the queue

When this check box is selected, callers hear an announcement stating the number of callers ahead of them in the queue.

Announce estimated wait time

When this check box is selected, callers will hear an announcement about the estimated wait time.

Average handle time, minutes

This is the expected average processing time for each call in minutes. This value is used for calculating the estimated wait time that is then announced to the callers.

Interval between announcements, minutes

This defines how often callers hear announcements about the number of callers ahead of them in the queue and the estimated wait time until someone attends to them. The default value is 5 minutes.

Play music on hold file

Enable this option to record or upload an audio file to be played.

Music on hold file

This is a melody (or announcement) that is played for users waiting to be connected. The default value for the maximum file size is 3 MB.


You can change the default value for the whole system within the SelfCare.MaxUploadSize option on the Configuration server. The maximum file size is 10GB.