Here you can define a list of extensions for phone lines within your IP Centrex environment. You can easily add new extensions or filter, change existing ones without any actual reconfiguration of your phone.


Branch Office extensions can only be added, deleted or modified on the Main Office self-care interface.



Add extension

To add a new extension number, click the Add Extension button and enter the following information:

NOTE: Make sure that you have assigned the extension to some hunt group beforehand.


Once all the information is entered, click the Update button.


Edit extension

You can easily change the number and extension name and manage phone line assignments by simply clicking on that extension number or on the Edit icon.



Delete extension

To remove the extension from the list, click the Delete button.


Search for extensions

To search for extensions, specify their number or name and click the Search button.



Configure extension

To view and edit information about the extension, click the  Configure icon next to the extension number. You will see the Edit Extension page (note that some fields are read-only).