DIDs (External Numbers)

On this tab you can buy DID (direct inward dialing) phone numbers from your service provider and assign them to your phone lines.  


To make this happen, click the Add DID button at the bottom of the page. In the Add new DID number dialog box, choose the country and an area where you wish to purchase a DID, and a DID number. Once the number is chosen, you will see the applicable fees for using this DID number.


The Not applicable option means that DID numbers with no country and area specified (e.g. that start with a 882 prefix) are available for provisioning.



As soon as you confirm the purchase of the DID number, the DID number appears on the list as unassigned.



Click the   Edit icon to assign this number to a phone line.


edit DID


In the   Edit window you can also:

• reassign a DID to another phone line, or

• unassign the DID number from a phone line. You remain the owner of this DID number and continue paying for DID usage.


If you no longer need a DID number, click the  button to remove it. As a result, you are no longer charged for its usage.  


NOTE: When you remove a DID number, it is automatically unassigned from a phone line.