The Invoices page allows you to view all your invoices.


To see the last 6 / 12 / 24 or all invoices, select the corresponding value in the list and click the Search button.

If you want to include void invoices, just select the corresponding check box and then click the Search button.



Field Description


Click the View icon to download invoice in the .pdf file format.


The invoice number.

Period Starts

This shows the billing period start date.

Period Ends

This shows the billing period end date.

Due date

This represents the date by which payment must be received.

Period Total

The amount of money that you are supposed to pay.

Payments / Adjustments

The sum of payments and adjustments that has been applied to your balance during the given billing period.

Payment Status

This shows the invoice payment status.

  • Do Not Pay – The invoice amount is 0, therefore no payment is required.

  • Unpaid – Payment has not yet been received.

  • Partially Paid – Payment has been received but in an amount less than the amount due.

  • Paid – Invoice has been paid in full.

  • Overdue – Invoice is unpaid and past due.

  • N/A – Payment status is not applicable for this invoice.