Measured Services

On this tab you can view the parameters of allocated resources usage and their usage statistics.



Field Description

Measured Parameter

The name of the allocated resource that you use and are charged for.

Usage Period

Represents your billing period. Any billing period can be selected.

Apply Charge

Defines whether or not this resource is free of charge.

Charge based on

Specifies how charges apply to you for allocated resource usage.

The criteria are:

  • Average – The average amount of the consumed resource.

  • Maximum – The maximum amount of the consumed resource.

  • Minimum – The minimum amount of the consumed resource.

Free Items

The number of resources included in your service bundle.

Price per item

The price for each unit of consumed resources.


The service associated with this resource.


Statistics window


Statistics are provided per resource. To open the statistics window, click the icon next to the resource name. On the statistics window you will see two graphs.


The bottom graph displays resource usage data for the last three months; the upper graph displays a detailed view of the resource usage for a particular time interval selected from the three-month period below.


To select a time period, click on the start date in the bottom graph and drag the mouse cursor to the finish date.


The topmost part of the window provides additional information about the selected metric. The following options are available:


Field Description

Charges for the period

Specify which billing period to see the information for.


The value of measured resources for the current billing period. It can be minimum, maximum or average.

Remained Free Items

Shows the number of free of charge resources available from your service bundle.

Applied Charges

Displays your charges for the selected billing period.


Charges for the current billing period are not displayed because this period is not yet closed.