Phone Book


Field Description

Phone number

Type the phone number you wish to add (e.g. 12065551998).


Since customers are used to seeing E.164 numbers with the ‘+’ prefix, PortaBilling® adds phone numbers to the customer’s phone book with the ‘+’ upon saving.


NOTE: PortaBilling® modifies all the numbers that you enter according to the dialing rules applied, so please consider the customer’s dialing format when entering phone numbers to their phone book.


If there is no translation rule applied, PortaBilling® considers the number to be entered in the E.164 format and adds the ‘+’ sign to any number entered. Customers then dial phone numbers from their phone without the ‘+.’


Contact name

Contact Type

Contact type can be one of the following:

  • Work

  • Home

  • Mobile

  • Other

Speed Dial

This is the speed dial number that the end user can dial on his phone to place a call to an external phone number.


Note that the length of this number is limited by the Maximum Speed Dial Length option on the Service Configuration tab.


This allows you to lock a phone book contact:

  • None – Contacts are not locked in the phonebook, allowing the end user to add, edit or remove contacts.

    NOTE: The end user is also able to select contacts to which a special “favorite” rate applies.

  • Full – Fully lock the contact in the phonebook (makes it impossible for the end user to edit or remove the locked contact)

  • Number – Partially locks the contact in the phonebook (allowing the end user to change only the name).

Favorite Rating

Select this check box to provide a “call friends & family cheaper” service to the end user. The end user’s call to this specific number is rated according to a special rate for the FAV destination, defined in the end user’s tariff.


Click the Delete icon to remove a contact from the user’s phone book.