Accept Payment

On this page you can confirm the payment received from the customer or end user.

At the top of this page you search for a certain customer or account by inserting the values in the appropriate fields.


Field Description

Customer ID

The customer name as it appears in the PortaBilling® system.

Account ID

The primary identification of the account.

Phone Number

This field is outdated and available for backward compatibility. Prior to MR100, this field was used to find an account with the PINless role (starting from MR100, you can find accounts of any role by the account ID using the Account ID field).




Field Description


The amount of payment.

Visible Comment

A comment on this transaction visible to the administrator as well as the customer, in the xDR browser or on the invoice.

Internal Comment

An internal comment on this transaction; not visible in the xDR browser, and accessible only from the database directly.

Transfer Funds

Initiates the money transaction.