Your xDR History

On this page you can view your own xDR history for the specified period.


xdr history


On the xDR History page you can make an extensible search via:

To initiate a query, click the Show xDRs button. The result page will contain a summary displayed on the top of the screen and a table listing all charges from a specified time period.

How to revert an xDR

You can revert a transaction only of Credits / Adjustments type. To reverse it, do the following:

  1. Select the xDR you want to reverse.
  2. Click the Revert button on the toolbar.
  3. Type your comment for reverting the transaction in the Revert dialog box.  
  4. Click Revert to complete the action.

Note that the Amount field in the Revert dialog box is inactive. If you select multiple xDRs in step 1 – the transaction amount in this case is always equal to the sum of all selected xDRs amounts.


As a result, both your and the customer's or account's balance are adjusted to the initial amount.

Call Logs

The callshop call report provides callshop owners with a daily summary of callshop activities during a selected date range, including relative profit / loss details. Statistics information is presented for the entire callshop network of a particular callshop owner.


When a callshop operator executes this report, only a daily summary of calls made during the selected date range is displayed. Statistics information is only provided for a single callshop they operate. The profit / loss details are not shown for callshop operators.