Customer Info

Field Description

Customer ID

Defines the name of your account as it will appear in the PortaBilling® system. This is distinct from the Company Name field in the Address Info tab.


Specifies whether your account is blocked or unblocked. If this is checked, your account will be unusable.

Opening Balance

 Your starting balance.


 Your current balance.

Address Info

This tab provides most of the commonly required contact information.

Web Self-Care

The login and password information for customer self-care refer to the credentials required on the self-care web page. An easy-to-remember yet secure password may be generated automatically by clicking the Auto button.


Date & Time Format

PortaBilling® allows the administrator to define both input and output date and time formats for each customer registered in the system.


By making changes to the date and / or time format on this page, you will be able to enter dates and times in the desired format throughout the entire customer self-care interface, on invoices, and so on.


Additional Info


Field Description

Auto-provision DIDs Via Batch

This enables the customer to choose DID or toll-free numbers from the DID batch. You will charge the customer for the allocated numbers according to the prices specified in the assigned batch.

Default Sale Commission

Sale commission is applied when an account is created or a distributor is assigned.

Default Payment Commission

Payment commission is applied when payment is entered..

Subscription Discount Rate

Amount of discount applied by default to your subscriptions.

Tax ID

Customer’s tax ID.

Creation Date

The date and time the distributor was created (read-only).

Billing Period

Defines the frequency of invoicing for this distributor.

Next Billing Date

Read-only field; displays the date when the distributor’s current billing will be closed (and invoice and statistics generated).

Send Statistics

Defines what kind of xDR statistics should be delivered to the distributor by email:

  • Customer class default – Use the settings for the customer class.

  • Full Statistics – Send a .csv file with a complete list of xDRs.

  • Summary Only – Do not send a full list of xDRs, only a brief summary

  • Do Not Send – This option prevents the delivery of event statistics to the distributor via email.

Send Invoices

Defines whether new invoices should be delivered to the distributor by email. Customer class default – Use the settings for the customer class.


Payment Info

The Payment Info page defines the payment characteristics. For example, customary payment information (e.g. preferred payment method, current credit limit, etc.).



Field Description

Current Credit Limit

Your current credit limit may differ from the Permanent Credit Limit if the Temporary Credit Limit Increase is set.

PermanentCredit Limit

If this field is left empty, there is no credit limit defined for you.

Temporary Credit Limit Increase

Here you can view temporarily increase of your credit limit.

Balance Warning Threshold

If a Balance Warning Threshold is defined and your balance reaches this value (defined either as an amount or as a percentage of a positive Credit Limit value), an alarm will be sent to you.

Unallocated Payments

Unallocated payments show that you “overpaid” sometime in the past, and are used to correct the paid/unpaid status of future invoices.

NOTE: Unallocated payments do not represent a “cash reserve”. When a payment is made, the amount is immediately applied to the balance.

Preferred Payment Method

This list contains available payment methods.



This tab displays the subscription plans currently applied to you. Subscriptions are divided into three groups


Field Description


Displays the name of the subscription.

Discount Rate, %

A discount rate for this subscription. If there is any value, it will override your discount rate. 0 means no discount (i.e. the rate defined in the subscription plan is applied).

Start Date

Subscription activation date.

Activation Date

(Read-only) Displays the date when the subscription was activated.

Finish Date

The date when this subscription should be automatically canceled.

Billed To

(Read-only) The date to which subscription charges have already been applied.