Edit Account


The Account Info page allows you to change the account details. Note that some fields are read-only.

Field Description

Account Role

The account role defines what a specific account is designated for (e.g. whether the account represents a phone line or a top-up voucher) and executes account ID validation. Thus, for a phone line, one can only pick a valid phone number as an account ID.

Main Product

Choose a basic product for this account from the list. The main product defines which services are provided to customers.

NOTE: An account can only be assigned a product having the same role.

Account ID

The primary identification of this account. The ID is read-only by default; you can modify it by clicking the Edit ID icon. The maximum allowed ID length is 64 characters.


Specifies whether the account is blocked or unblocked. If this is checked, the account will be unusable.

Balance Control

  • Subordinate – No individual account balance and credit limit. This is usually selected if balance management is done for a whole company (a customer).

    Consider the following example: a company has several phone lines (accounts). The users make calls, thus the balance of the whole company increases. At the end of the billing period the company receives a consolidated invoice for the activities of all the accounts and sends a single payment which is then applied for all accounts. The payment is made and the balance of the company decreases.

  • Individual Credit Limit – Individual account balance and credit limit remain. This is usually selected if you still want to operate with the balance of individual accounts.


Only available for debit accounts. Shows the balance for this account.

Balance Adjustment

Click this button to correct an account’s balance. See the Account - Balance Adjustments page for how to do this.


Click this button to activate  debit accounts that are not yet active. This button is hidden for suspended distributors because they are not allowed to activate accounts.


The following tabs can be available depending on the configuration (click the required tab link to see a description):


Account Info

Add-on Products

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Call Screening

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Life Cycle

Number Porting

Payment Method

Phone Book

Quotas & Service Wallets

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