Call Screening

This tab allows you to view and define a list of rules for handling incoming calls. To add a new rule simply click the  Add new rule button at the bottom of the page.


Note, that this page is only active if your provider has enabled the Call Screening feature for you. Depending on your needs, you may activate / deactivate Call Screening by selecting or clearing the check box on the top.




Column Description

Time Management and Action


Enable Rule

Allows you to temporarily disable a rule without actually deleting it (so it can be used later on).


Specifies which actions should be taken if a particular

phone call satisfies the conditions for this rule.

Time Filter

Allows you to select a condition applicable to the time when a call is made.

Time Filter Name

Enter the name for a new time window. If you want to set specific parameters for your Time Window, click the  Time Interval icon to define the interval.

Caller’s Number Filter


Caller's Number Filter Group

Allows you to select a condition applicable to an

incoming phone number (phone number of a person

trying to contact you).

Incoming Number Filter


Incoming Number Filter Group

Allows you to select a condition applicable to one of your phone numbers that a person tries to contact you.

The following fields are similar to both Caller’s and Incoming Number Filter


Filter Group Name

Enter the name for the new filter group.


Add the number(s) to your filter group. First enter the number and then click the  Add button.

Number List

The numbers you have added to the group are displayed here.


NOTE: If a user modifies already created filter groups then the changes are applied for all other call screening rules where these filter groups are used.