Ringback Tone

This page is only available if the custom ringback tone service is activated for you.



On the Ringback Tone page, you can upload a media file for a caller to hear instead of the standard ringback tone. Upload your media file in one of the following formats: 8svx, .aiff, .au, .avr, .cdr, .cvs, .vms, .gsm, .hcom, .maud, .mp3, .ogg, .prc, .sb, .sf, .sl, .smp, .sndt, .sph, .sw, .txw, .ub, .ul, .uw, .voc, .wav, .wve, .sln. The maximum allowed file size is 5 MB.


Note that changes submitted do not take effect immediately; they require around 5 minutes to complete. Therefore, the standard ringback tone is played during this period, although the custom track is shown as having been successfully uploaded to the web interface.