Here you can view your current subscription plans and the charges you bear for service usage.


When a subscription plan is active (for a service you already use), you see its periodic fee. And for subscription plans that are charged in advance, you see the “billed to” date (the date until which your subscription charges have already been applied).


When a subscription plan is pending (you have already signed up for the service, but it’s not yet activated for you), you see its periodic fee. However, this fee is not included in the total periodic fee charged. Pending subscriptions are highlighted dark gray on the page.


You can see the total amount of currently active subscription plans and their periodic fees at the bottom of the page..



Subscriptions charged in advance that come with bulk discounts are marked with the Discount icon. By clicking the Discount icon you can change the prepay plan selected for this subscription. Note that changes you have made will only take effect when the current prepay plan is over.