Additional Info


Field Description

Auto-provision DIDs Via Batch

This allows the reseller to choose DID or toll-free numbers from the DID batch. You will charge for the allocated numbers according to the prices specified in the assigned batch.

Default Tariff for Voice Calls

The tariff that is assigned by default for calculating charges to the reseller for calls made by their subcustomers.

Discount Plan

The name of the active volume discount plan that applies to this reseller.

Subscription Discount Rate

Amount of discount applied by default to the periodic fees for the reseller subscriptions.

Override Tariffs Enabled

This defines whether the override tariff feature is enabled. Check the box next to this field and the Override Tariffs tab will appear.

Suspend On Insufficient Funds For Subscriptions

This option allows you to suspend a reseller when his / her balance or available funds are insufficient to cover subscription charges of subscriptions assigned to them.

  • Yes – Resellers who have insufficient available funds are automatically suspended. When they are suspended, they no longer receive the service and therefore no subscription charges are generated. As soon as funds become available, the service is resumed and new charges are generated.
  • No – The subscription’s full amount will be charged regardless of the current balance status. It may happen that a reseller’s balance exceeds the credit limit or the amount of available funds (in this case the negative value of available funds appears).

Sender email for Customer Notifications

Email address that recipient of the notification email sees in the 'From' field.


Assigns a representative to this reseller. See the Representatives section for more information.