Balance & Credits

The Balance & Credits tab provides full information about the reseller balance.



Field Description

Permanent Credit Limit

The credit limit value defined for the reseller during creation.

Temporary Credit Limit

This shows a temporary increase of the reseller's credit limit.

Valid Until

This shows the date and time for when an increased credit limit value will automatically be reverted to a permanent state.

Unallocated Payments

Unallocated payments show that the reseller “overpaid” sometime in the past, and are used to correct the paid/unpaid status of future invoices.

NOTE: Unallocated payments do not represent a “cash reserve.” When a payment is made, the amount is immediately applied to the reseller’s balance.

Credit Limit Warning Threshold(s)

If a warning threshold is defined for a reseller balance and the reseller balance reaches this value, a notification is sent to the reseller.


The warning threshold is defined either as an amount or a percentage of a positive Permanent Credit Limit value.


To send the reseller multiple notifications, several balance warning thresholds can be defined.