Active Sessions

This page shows calls that are currently in progress or have been completed recently. It indicates the time the call started, the elapsed call duration, and who is making the call, and describes which gateways the call is going through.




Since the total number of simultaneous calls in your system can be quite large, you can display only a certain subset of all calls. Use search filters on the top of the page to find only particular active sessions. The following filters are available:

Click the Search button to show results.


The following information is available in the main table:


Field Description


By selecting this check box for a particular call, you can group several active calls into a single group for further operations (e.g. remove them from the active call registry).


Click this button to see BE log of the certain active session.


Account ID of the call originator.


Customer who originated the call.

The Participants icon indicates calls that are made by resellers’ customers. By clicking the icon you can see the full chain of entities involved in a call.

Start Time

The time when the call was connected.


The current status of the session.


The total call duration.


Calling station ID (ANI) for the originator.


Called station ID (DNIS) – the destination number.


This shows the H323-conf-id of calls, messages or Internet sessions that are currently in progress. The H323-conf-id is required to locate a particular billing engine log.


Click the  Copy to Clipboard icon to copy an H323-conf-id to the clipboard.


Carrier used for call termination.


Specific connection for this vendor.

Disconnect the session

Click this button to disconnect the current call.


The line below these fields shows a schematic call flow / Internet session diagram.


The   Hotlined icon indicates that this session is hotlined.



Sometimes a call displayed in the active calls registry may have already been disconnected (the most common reason for this being that one of your gateways was rebooted and calls were cut off, although billing never received accounting records about this). In this case, you are able to clean up such “stalled” calls from the web.

NOTE: A cleanup operation only affects billing’s internal registry of active calls, and will not disconnect a call that is still in progress.

If you want to delete such calls, just mark all of them (using the check box in the column on the far right) and click the Remove sessions button.