Bundle Promotions

The Bundle (Inter-service) promotions feature allows you to offer promotional discounts based on monthly amounts spent and apply charges based on usage minimum.


How to edit a bundle promotion plan

An existing bundle promotion can be edited by clicking on its name.


Edit a Bundle Promotion


Field Description


The name of a bundle promotion to be used in the system.

Managed By

  • By default – Administrator only.

  • A bundle promotion can be assigned to a reseller (Managed by NNN) so that it is manageable from the reseller self-care interface.


Indicates which currency is used for billing calculations. All charges and credits in the bundle promotion are to be defined in this currency. A bundle promotion can only be assigned to customers that are charged in the same currency.

Destination Group Set

A set of destination groups (UK-Mobile, CZ-Mobile, etc.) you would like to use for more convenient promotion application.


An extended description of this bundle promotion.


These columns indicate which service and destination group will be used to analyze how much money the customer has spent on services during the billing period to credit or charge customer accordingly.


Specifies for which service xDRs will be analyzed.

Destination Group

Specifies which destination group xDRs will be analyzed.


These columns indicate a promotion scheme, credit or charge amounts and a comment shown on the customer’s invoice.


Indicates whether a customer should be charged or credited for the promotion.


To configure a flexible promotion scheme click on the column header or the Wizard icon in order to launch the Promotion Wizard.

Invoice Comment

Specifies what comment customer will see on his invoice for this promotion transaction.

Apply To

These columns indicate where to apply the promotion.


Indicates whether to apply the promotion to a service, a whole bill, payments, taxes, credits / adjustments or subscriptions (all or one in particular).


If the Subscriptions option was selected from the Service list you may either select a specific subscription here (to apply the promotion to) or leave this list empty to apply the promotion to the customer’s own subscriptions and all of their credit accounts’ subscriptions.

Tax Transaction Code

Specify the internal tax transaction code from the list. PortaBilling® will use this code to extract taxation codes for EZTax®, Avalara, GST or SureTax taxation plug-ins and send them for tax processing as per the bundle promotion.

How to edit a promotion scheme

An existing promotion scheme can be edited by clicking on the Edit button left to its name.

How to add a promotion scheme

To add a new promotion scheme, click Add on the toolbar.

Promotion Wizard

The promotion wizard provides the administrator with a flexible tool for defining promotional discounts based on amounts spent during the billing period.



Field Description

Promotion Amount

Defines whether the promotion is based on a percentage or a fixed sum of money:

  • Fixed – Increases or decreases service payment by a fixed amount of money.

  • Percentage – Increases or decreases service payment by a defined percentage.


This field defines the maximum amount of money to be spent for a service to apply a corresponding credit or charge. Value entered must be numeric and greater than zero. To provide a special unlimited value for the threshold, select the Unlimited check box.

Credit / Charge

This field defines a credit or charge amount (either fixed or percentage based) that is applied when customer spends a corresponding amount of money for a service.



Bundle promotion based on the amount of money spent

The promotion discount is defined as 0..1000 USD – 0%, 1000..Unlimited USD – 10%.



For Voice Calls service usage up to $1000 no discount will be provided, a 10% discount will be applied to the entire bill if the Voice Calls service usage exceeds the $1000 threshold.


Bundle promotion with multiple discount thresholds

The promotion is defined as 0..50 USD – 0%, 50..100 USD – 10%, 100..Unlimited USD – 20%.



For Voice Calls service usage up to $50 no discount will be provided; from $50 up to $100 a 10% discount will be applied; for service usage above $100 a 20% discount for the Voice Calls service will be applied.


Mandatory minimum for service usage

The mandatory minimum for service usage is defined as 0..1000 USD – 1000 USD.



A customer commits to spending $1000 minimum per month on voice calls. For Voice Calls service usage of below $1000 a deficient amount is added this customer’s invoice. For example, if the customer spends only $800, the deficient $200 is added to his invoice so that it equals $1000..


Bundle promotion based on a defined percentage

The promotion is defined as 0..100 USD – 0%, 100..Unlimited USD – 100%.



For Voice Calls service usage below $100 no discount will be applied to subscriptions; for service usage above $100 a 100% discount will be applied to a specific subscription. In other words, the user will receive a subscription for free after spending more than $100 on Voice Calls.