Callshop Reseller Management

On the Callshop Reseller Management page, you can view a list of all registered callshop resellers, or use search filters to display a specific set of callshop resellers only:



The page provides the following information and activities:


Field Description


Click the View icon to go to the xDR view page.


The callshop reseller's name.


Click the Callshops icon to go to the Callshop Management page.

If there are no callshops under the callshop reseller, the icon changes accordingly to , so that you can easily see this.


The currency in which the callshop reseller’s account is maintained and billed.

Credit Limit

The credit limit applicable to the callshop reseller’s account (if any).


The callshop reseller’s current balance.


Email contact for this callshop reseller.


The status of the callshop reseller’s account.

  • The Credit Exceeded icon will appear if the callshop reseller’s credit has been exceeded.
  • The Blocked icon means that all accounts of this callshop reseller have been administratively blocked.
  • The  Suspended icon means all services to this callshop reseller have been suspended because of an overdue invoice
  • The  Closed icon means that this callshop reseller was closed.
  • The Frozen icon means that periodic payments for this callshop reseller have been suspended due to repeated errors (for instance, the callshop reseller canceled his credit card and did not enter the information for his new card in PortaBilling®).


Click theDelete icon to remove the callshop reseller. The delete icon will only appear if there are no xDRs, callshops or booths owned by the callshop reseller, or other entities (products, tariffs, etc.) managed by the callshop reseller.