Customer xDRs

The Customer xDRs page allows users to easily download xDRs that have been defined for a customer. xDRs for the desired customer may be found by selecting from the list of existing customers on the left side of the page, or by entering the customer’s name in the search field and clicking the Search button. The wildcard symbol ‘%’ may also be used. 



Site-based Reports

In addition to the standard customer xDR report it is possible to obtain site-based reports. These reports can be downloaded by customers

and administrators in .csv and .pdf formats. Fields shown in the report can be configured separately for .csv and .pdf files.


This solution was implemented as an extensible framework that allows for quickly adding more support for different file formats and adjusting their content according to customer needs.


It provides a convenient reporting tool for companies that have several functional departments (e.g. the support department and the sales department) and that pay for the services independently.


Types of Report