Discount Plan Management

The volume discount plans tool is great for making automatic price adjustments and allotments. It allows you to adjust prices depending on the volume of services consumed by customers, allocate a certain volume of free services and transfer a balance to a sub-wallet that has been designed for a particular type of service. These are the three main discount schemes:

For more details about all the discount schemes, please refer to the PortaBilling Administrator Guide.


Please note that you can only see information about the volume discount plans that are available to you.



Use the main Discount Plan Management page to list all existing plans. Plans can be located using the search form, by entering the plan’s name.




To modify (e.g. create, edit or delete) volume discount plans please contact your service provider.

How to add a discount plan

To add a new volume discount plan to the system, click Add and specify all the required information on the Add Discount Plan page.

How to edit a discount plan

To edit a discount plan, click on its name in the list and specify all the required information on the Edit Discount Plan page.

NOTE: Already assigned volume discount plan is not editable.

How to delete a discount plan

The Delete icon will be visible only when a discount plan is not in use (not assigned to any customer, account or product), and enables permanent deletion of the volume discount plan.