E-payments Log

This form is not directly accessible from the main menu, since it should be accessed in the specific context of:

Adjust the search parameters to see a list of all transaction attempts (by default, only transactions for the current day will be displayed, so the values in the From / To fields may need to be changed) and then click the Search button.



Field Description

Date / Time

Specifies when the charge attempt occurred.

Customer / Account

Specifies to which customer or account the charge was applied.


Gives the total amount of the transaction.


Specifies the currency used in the transaction.

Payment Method

The icon on the left specifies which type of payment method was used (e.g. VISA or MasterCard); the actual card / account number is displayed in the “safe” form (some of the digits are masked by an x).

Payment System

Specifies the payment system used to carry out this transaction.


Indicates whether this transaction was done in “test” mode.


Indicates the result of the transaction:

  • Succeeded – The transaction was successful, funds were transferred.

  • Failed – The transaction has failed (click on Failed to get further information, such as the error code or a response from the remote payment processor).

  • Authorized – A “check funds” transaction was successful (but no actual charges were applied to the credit card and no balance modification in the billing was done).

  • Incomplete – When using payment systems with “external authorization” it is possible that a transaction was interrupted (e.g. user has pressed the “cancel” button when entering credit card info on the remote processor website).