Invoice Recalculation

Administrators can use the Invoice Recalculation page to recalculate invoices generated in the system since a certain date and for a specific customer (or customers). This may need to be done if calculations for a certain period were based on incorrect data (wrong rates, errors in tariffs, and so on).



Fill in the required information or perform one of the following operations:


Field Description

Invoices Issued After

Click on this link to open a calendar in a new browser window, from which you can select the desired date. Alternatively, you can type the date in the box next to the link, using the required date format.

Recreate .pdf file for invoices

Select this option to only recreate .pdf files, representing invoices. This is used when there was a mistake in the invoice template (e.g. an incorrect text, a wrong company logo or another graphic design issue). This will generate new .pdf files according to the current template settings, so the new .pdf files may look different - but no figures (e.g. total or sub-totals) in the original invoice will be affected.

Recalculate invoices

Select this option to fully recalculate invoices - recalculate the amount of charges, payments, refunds, etc. for the given period, calculate a new invoice total and produce a new set of .pdf files.

Void invoices in the Closed state

This box appears only if your choice is to recalculate invoices. Check it to void closed invoices and create them anew.

Available Customers and Selected for Invoice Recalculation

In the Available Customers box, select a customer (or customers) for whom you wish to recalculate invoices. To choose all customers at once, select All available customers on top. Then click the Include-> button. The customers selected will appear in the Selected for Invoice Recalculation box.


After you have made your choice, click Save. You will receive confirmation that the recalculation has been successfully scheduled. The system will perform it during the next statistics calculation period and send you a confirmation email upon completion.

To check if an invoice has been recalculated, go to the Invoices page and click on the View icon before the invoice number.

NOTE: During recalculation, xDR statistics for the relevant customers are also updated.