Clone Product

Product configuration is an important step, since you need to specify all the rating entries properly in order to ensure the correct functionality. To minimize the amount of work required to create new products, PortaBilling® allows you to create them as clones of existing ones. In this case, PortaBilling® will copy all the tariffs used in an old product and generate a replica of it. The new product will have exactly the same rating entries, except that they will now refer to the newly created tariffs.

Any modifications in the newly created product will not affect tariff or rate data configuration within the old product. However, it is important not to make changes in the old product while a new one is currently being cloned.


To clone a specific product, click the Clone button on the toolbar on the Edit Product page. Give the new product a name, then click the  Save button.




NOTE: When cloning a product managed by a reseller, you can assign it to any other reseller (to do this, select the required reseller from the Managed By list in the Clone Product dialog box).

Products intended for use by the service provider (managed by administrator only) cannot be cloned as managed by reseller.


NOTE: Cloning may take a significant amount of time, depending on the amount of data involved. The new product will appear in the product list only after the cloning is complete.