Product Management

A product is a combination of services that you provide to a customer for a price.



On the Product Management page, the user may view the list of all registered products. The list provides the following information:


Field Description



Click the Rate Lookup button to open the Rate Lookup page which allows finding per destination prices


The logical designation of the product.

Managed By

  • Administrator only – Default; means that this product will be used for your direct customers and is accessible only to your administrators.

  • Select a PortaBilling reseller to assign this product for use by a particular reseller.


The product type can be the following:

  • Main – A basic product that assigns all the basic services that are available to your customers.

  • Add-on – An additional product by which you can increase or limit the services provided to your customers.

Add-on products have precedence over the main product, so no matter what is defined within the main product, it will be overridden by settings defined within add-on products (this applies only to the options that are supplied with add-on products).

In order to differentiate the add-on products there is also a “precedence level” parameter for each add-on product. If there are more than one add-on products assigned to an account they will be sorted according to the specified precedence level.


The currency in which the product will be maintained.


Product description.