Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) Profiles

Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) profiles and the CPE inventory allow service providers to reconfigure a large number of end user devices before sending them to customers, as well as those already on a customer’s premises. Instead of entering the same values for codec, server address and the like into each of a thousand user agents, you can simply create a profile which will describe all of these parameters. After that, PortaBilling® automatically creates a configuration file for each user agent using account-specific parameters such as ID or password, which it will then fetch (for instance, from a TFTP server) and update.


If you decide later to change the address of the SIP server, you need only update it once in the profile in order for new configuration files to be built for each user agent. The user agents will then fetch them next time they go online. The config file is specific to each user agent since it contains information such as username and password, and so the user agent must fetch their own designated config file.



Column Description


Logical name of the profile.


Telephone adaptor or SIP phone.

Effective From

Date and time when the profile becomes effective.


Indicates that the current profile is no longer in use.


Short text description of the profile.


The Delete icon is only visible when the current profile’s effective date has not arrived yet.