Importing Numbers to the SIM Card Inventory

How to import numbers to the SIM Card Inventory

In the SIM Card Inventory Upload dialog box, specify a file location (use the Browse button to select a file in the explorer dialog box), and then click Upload. Upon upload, the status of these SIM cards becomes Free.


The proper file format for the SIM card upload

You can upload SIM cards from a file in .csv, .xls or .xlsx format. The structure of the file must be as shown in the following table:


Field Mandatory Format Description



Text. There are four possible defined values:

  • +
  • add
  • -
  • remove

This defines the action applied to the given SIM card: “+” or add for adding a SIM card to the inventory; “-” or remove for removing a SIM card from the inventory.




Maximum 15 numerical characters

The unique international mobile subscriber identity of the card.



Minimum 19, maximum 20 numerical characters

A SIM card’s unique serial number that can be found on the back of the SIM card.



32 hexadecimal characters

Authentication key used during card authentication on the mobile network and for communication encryption between a SIM card and a mobile network.



32 hexadecimal characters

The operator key associated with and stored on this SIM card.



4 hexadecimal characters

The authentication code added to the SIM authentication request.



Maximum 255 text characters

Short description about a given SIM card.



Maximum 255 text characters

Home location register name.

Managed by



Specify who can manage SIM cards: 1) ‘Administrator only” means that this SIM card will be used for your direct customers and is accessible only to your administrators. 2) Select a PortaBilling® reseller to assign this SIM card for use by a particular reseller.


If left empty, PortaBilling uploads the SIM cards as managed by the user who made the upload (e.g. if reseller Bob uploaded SIM cards - than they are uploaded as managed by Bob.)

NOTE: The column headers are important! Make sure the field names and formatting in your upload file are correct.