Add / Edit CPE

The CPE inventory allows you to keep track of end user devices (SIP phones, SIP ATAs, etc.) which are distributed to your customers. You will assign a profile that defines general configuration settings for each device (preferred codecs, address of the SIP server, etc). You can then assign a specific account (representing a phone number) to a specific port (phone line) on an CPE. PortaBilling® will create a config file for auto-provisioning all of your devices, thus allowing you to easily and remotely manage thousands of user CPE.


To release an CPE port from the account it is assigned to, click the Release Port button.



Field Description


CPE name.


Short description.


One of the available device types (e.g. Cisco ATA, Sipura, etc.).


Select one of the defined CPE profiles.

MAC Address

MAC address of the CPE.


This section provides information about the number of IP device ports (phone lines) and accounts they are assigned to:

  • Total – The total number of CPE ports.

  • Free – The number of free (not assigned to an account) ports of an CPE.

  • Account – Shows the account the CPE port is currently assigned to.

  • Release Port – Click to release the CPE port from the account it is currently assigned to.


The key which is used to encrypt the configuration information.

Inventory ID

An ID which allows you to identify this device in the external system (e.g. your warehouse management application).