Rate Upload

The rates table may be prepared using a spreadsheet processor (e.g. MS Excel) and can then be easily imported into PortaBilling®.


This is very convenient if your termination partner sends you a file with rate updates that must be entered into PortaBilling® in order to calculate costs and route your customers’ calls properly.  This can be done with the help of the Rate Upload functionality. To upload your rates file, perform the following steps:


  1. On the Rate Upload for Tariff page, click Browse.

  2. Locate your file with rates, then click Open.

  3. On the Rate Upload for Tariff page, select all required options:
  4. On the Upload Rates page, click Next .

  5. On the Review File Parsing page, verify whether the file was parsed correctly and, if necessary, change file parsing parameters such as delimiters.

  6. On the Review Data Fields Definition page, specify where individual data fields (e.g. destination, price or payback rate) are located in the file.

  7. On the Review Rate Information page, view information about rates, adjust the value of prices and mark the desired rates as payback, then click Next. If there are new destinations in the uploaded file, assign a country and destination group to these destinations on the Create New Destinations page.

  8. On the Summary page, view information about the number of rate records to be processed. You can also save the rate import options you have defined as a template, so that you can re-use them in the future.

  9. On the Rate Upload page, click Start Import.

  10. On the Edit Tariff page, click Close.

  11. You can verify your work on the Rates page. For more details regarding rate upload, see the PortaBilling Templates Guide.

  12. Administrators can initiate virtually an unlimited number of tariff upload sessions simultaneously. The only limitations here are the hardware resources: the amount of free disk space and available random-access memory on the PortaBilling® Web server.