Balance Adjustments

The Balance Adjustments tab allows you to correct a callshop reseller’s balance.



Field Description


  • Manual Charge Use this transaction to manually charge a callshop reseller for a specific service they used.
  • Manual Credit Use this transaction to manually give compensation related to a specific service; for instance, if the callshop reseller files a complaint and you agree to give him credit toward future service use.
  • E-Commerce Payment Use this transaction to charge the callshop reseller’s credit card and apply the amount to the callshop reseller’s balance as payment.
  • E-Commerce Refund Use this transaction to reverse a previous E-commerce payment. It withdraws funds from your company’s merchant account and applies them as credit to the callshop reseller’s credit card. The amount is added to the callshop reseller’s account balance.
  • Authorization Only Verifies that the callshop reseller’s credit card is valid and reserves a given amount. Returns a transaction ID to be used in a Capture Payment transaction. This does not affect the callshop reseller’s account balance in PortaBilling® or his credit card balance.
  • Capture Payment Charges the callshop reseller’s credit card and applies the amount to his balance as a payment. Requires a transaction ID from the Authorization Only transaction. The amount must be less than or equal to the amount of the corresponding Authorization Only transaction.
  • Manual Payment Use this transaction when receiving a payment (e.g. cash or check) directly from the callshop reseller.
  • Promotional Credit Use this transaction to give the callshop reseller credit, for example, as a sales promotion. The difference between this and “Manual Credit” is that this transaction applies to a special “Credits / Promotions” service, and not to any actual service. Basically, it provides some “virtual” funds to the callshop reseller for future use.
  • Refund – Use this transaction to refund an earlier payment received from the callshop reseller (e.g. a check returned by the bank). This means the balance will be changed so that the callshop reseller is able to make fewer calls.

Service (only for Manual Charge and Manual Credit)

A service for which the manual charge / credit is made. The charged / credited amount will be included in the selected service section on the next invoice.


Amount to charge / refund.

Date (only for Manual Charge and Manual Credit)

A date associated with the manual charge / credit. For example, you can specify a date for manual credit action for when an item is credited.


Note that if the selected date falls within a previous (closed) billing period the transaction will be included in the next invoice.

Include into Out-Of-Turn Invoice (Only for Manual Charge and Manual Credit)

This allows you to include transactions on an out-of-turn invoice to be issued on demand. You should then generate the invoice with the requisite transactions on the Out-Of-Turn Invoice page.


For example, if the end user visits your office to buy a new IP phone, your clerk will locate the account, issue an invoice covering the cost of the phone, take the money for the phone and give the phone and the invoice to the end user.


Transactions included on an out-of-turn invoice that was generated on the Out-Of-Turn Invoice page won’t be reflected on the regular invoice issued at the end of the billing period.

Transaction ID (only for E-Commerce Refund and Capture Payment)

The transaction ID obtained via the Authorization Only transaction. This is required to use the reserved earlier amount for a current transaction.

Visible Comment

A comment on this transaction visible to the administrator as well as the callshop reseller, in the xDR browser or on the invoice.

Internal Comment

An internal comment on this transaction; not visible in the xDR browser, and accessible only from the database directly.