Add / Edit CC Staff

The Add / Edit CC Staff pages allow you to change CC staff details. Some fields are read-only.


To add a new CC staff user, click  Add on the toolbar.


The Add CC Staff page allows you to define a new user entity within PortaBilling®.



Address Info

The Address Info tab provides most of the commonly required contact information.


Web Self-Care

The login and password information for self-care refer to the credentials required on the self-care web page. An easy-to-remember yet secure password may be generated automatically by clicking the Auto button.


Date & Time Format

PortaBilling® allows the administrator to define both input and output date and time formats for each customer registered in the system.


Life Cycle

Field Description

Activation Date

The date from which the cc staff account is usable.

NOTE: When adding a new cc staff account, it can be activated immediately. Just specify the value “IMMEDIATELY” here.


Expiration Date

The date from which the cc staff account is unusable. If you do not want the cc staff account to expire, leave all three check boxes clear.

Note that this date is in the cc staff account’s time zone.



When defined, the information on this tab displays your ability to modify customers’ credit limits.



Field Description

Daily credit / refund limit

Defines the amount that you can assign to a customer as a credit or a refund during a 24-hour period.

Transaction credit / refund limit

Defines the amount that you cannot exceed per transaction.

Authorized to increase Temporary Credit Limit

If enabled, you can increase the customers’ credit limit for the defined value.