Custom Fields tab

On this tab you can define a set of custom fields that will appear on the pages of the customers that belong to this class and their accounts. Note that custom fields must be first created on the Web Interface page.



Field Description


Defines whether the custom field applies to the customer or the account.


The descriptive name of the field. This is the name that will be displayed next to the custom field on the Edit Customer or Account Info pages.


The type of the custom field:

  • Text – Basic single-line input field.

  • Number – Input field used to store and validate numerical values.

  • Date – Field type used to store dates.

  • Date & Time – Custom field that stores dates with a time component.

  • List – Single select list with a configurable set of options.


The properties of the field that define its form, appearance, or value. These properties are specific to the field type.


The default value of the custom field.


Defines whether this custom field is mandatory.

Visible to the End User

Custom fields may store a privileged additional information that is required for support and troubleshooting and must be shown on the web interface without the risk of exposing it to end users.

However, such information as customer’s bonus, driving license ID, etc. can be useful for both an administrator and end user.

This fields shows whether end users are enabled to see and edit this custom field on their self-care interfaces.