Fraud Protection tab

On the Fraud Protection tab the administrator can choose fraud protection tools for this customer.



Spending Plan
Field Description

Spending Plan

This shows the spending plan assigned to this customer.  


This shows the dates and times between which the spending plan applies.

Last Modified

This shows the date and time that the spending plan was last modified.

Period Total

This shows the amount that the customer has already spent of their spending plan.


If a customer has used up their spending plan and wants to continue using the services, the administrator can temporarily increase their spending limit by clicking the Modify Limit button. Then the Reset Spending Limit dialog box will open.


Reset Spending Limit dialog box


Field Description

Set Spending Limit to

Type a new amount for the spending plan here.

Reset Spending Usage

Choose this option to restart the counter for the amount of money that the customer has already spent.


Click the Modify Limit button to save your changes.


How to change a spending plan

Perform the following steps to change the current customer’s spending plan:

  1. Click the Change button.

  2. Choose a new spending plan from the list.

  3. Do one of the following:

  4. Click  Save or Save & Close.