Override Tariffs tab

The Override Tariffs tab will only appear if the Override Tariffs Enabled check box is enabled on the Additional Info tab.


When you have the same tariff for several customers you may need to adjust the specific rates for a particular customer. To avoid creating another tariff with a complete set of rates for this customer (using a large portion of the same data) you can use the Override Tariffs feature. Create a new tariff using only the rates that are specific to a current customer and associate it with an original tariff on the Override Tariffs tab.



Field Description

Original Tariff

This specifies the original tariff that contains the majority of the rates. Choose the tariff from the list.

Override Tariff

Choose the tariff that contains a handful of rates that are specific to the current customer. Rate lookup is done in both original and override tariffs and the rate for the closest destination is chosen (and its corresponding tariff is used). If there are different rates for the same destinations in both tariffs the one from the override tariff will be chosen.


Let’s take an example in order to see how this works.


You assign a standard tariff to several customers that contains a rate for destination number 12 at $0.02/minute and a rate for destination number 420 at $0.2/minute. Then you decide to adjust the 1204 destination rate to $0.01/minute for a specific customer So you create a new tariff using this rate and assign it as the override tariff for that customer. In this case, a call to 12033768900 will be charged according to the rates in the original tariff (0.02/minute), a call to 120456777844 will be charged according to the rate in the override tariff ($0.01/minute), and a call to 420998764456 will be charged according to the original tariff.