Subscriptions tab

This tab displays the subscription plans currently applied to this customer.



Subscriptions are divided into three groups:

Subscription assigned to the customer becomes active at the date specified in the Start Date field available when you add a subscription. Note that if the Start Date is set to “immediately,” the subscription is activated within an hour after adding it.


For more information about subscription plan types and general settings please refer to the Subscription Plans page.


Field Description


The subscription plan name.


Click this link to open the corresponding subscription plan.

Current Fee

  • For subscriptions with prepaid plans: Shows the fee for the current prepay period and the period duration.
  • For subscriptions without prepay plans: Shows the subscription fee for the current billing period.

Next Fee

  • For subscriptions with prepaid plans: Shows the prepaid plan that will be applied once the prepay plan specified in Current Fee expires.
  • For subscriptions without prepay plans: Shows the subscription fee that will be applied to the customer for the next billing period.

Discount Rate, %

The discount rate applied to the periodic fees for this subscription.


If you leave this field empty, the discount rate defined in the customer’s information (see the Additional Info tab of the Edit Customer page) will be applied.

Any value you enter will override the default customer discount rate. Entering 0 means no discount (i.e. the rate defined in the subscription plan is applied).

Start Date

This field is visible only when you add a new subscription.


The desired subscription activation date: immediately, or sometime in the future.

Activation Date

Displays the date when the subscription is activated.


Click the  Show More button to see the subscription start date.

Finish Date

  • For pending and active subscriptions: The date when this subscription will automatically be closed.
  • For closed subscriptions: The date when the subscription has been closed.

Billed To

Shows the date until which subscription charges have already been applied.

Subscription Plan Name Visible to End User

The subscription plan name as the end user sees it on their self-care interfaces and invoices.


Click the  Close icon to close the subscription. This icon is available only for optional active subscriptions.

How to add a subscription

To add a new subscription, click Add on the toolbar and fill in the following fields:


For subscriptions with multiple prepay plans, also select which plans will apply:


Refer to the table at the end of this section for more detailed descriptions of the fields.


How to edit a subscription

Only pending and active subscriptions can be edited. To edit a subscription, click the Edit icon, make the desired changed, and then click the Save icon.


How to delete a subscription

Only pending subscriptions can be deleted. To delete a subscription that was mistakenly assigned to the customer, click the Delete icon in the Delete column.