Web Self-Care




Field Description


The customer self-care interface login.


The customer self-care interface password. Click the Auto button to generate a random, hard-to-guess password.

Access Level

Access level assigned to the customer.

Access Web Self-Care as Customer

Click Login to log in to the customer self-care interface.

Allow login from

You can ensure that access to the PortaBilling® administrative web interface only occurs from physical locations that you define. For example, you can specify IP addresses that belong to your network. If a user tries to log in from outside your network, PortaBilling® denies that access and the user cannot log in.


The following formats can be used to permit access from specific IP addresses or networks:

  • A single IP address:

  • A network in IP prefix (slash) notation:

  • An IP address and a netmask:

You can enter multiple definitions, with each starting from a new line and ending with semicolon.

API token access

You should use tokens instead of standard login-password pairs for authenticating your applications integrated with PortaBilling® via API.


API authentication token

Input the combination from this field into your application and remove the password from it (the AuthInfoStructure and LoginRequest API structures have the token property).

Time Zone

Time zone for the customer self-care interface.

Web Interface Language

Displays the customer self-care interface in a particular language.



Input / Output Format

You can define both input and output date and time formats for each customer registered in the system.


Changes to the date and / or time format on this page, affect customer self-care interface, on invoices, and so on.